What happened to Cirnopedia?

I checked https://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/ and it has become some weird slot machine website now.

I am a returning player, and I used to get most of my information from cirnopedia. I think cirnopedia is a pretty big site back in the day. Does this signifies anything about the game’s health? Does FGO still has a lot of player like it used to?

By the way how is the meta now?

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FGO is perfectly fine, just look at other wikis (or, you know, Gamepress)

The person running cirno (by themselves) hadn’t been able to keep it up-to-date for a while now. It just kept falling behind and looks like they finally shut it down.


It’s been dead for ages and looks like they finally stopped paying for the server? There’s plenty of other places to grab info, this site included.


Yeah, I will look for info from other sources now. But honestly it’s just sad to see a site that used to be my main source information became a gambling website :disappointed_relieved:


I mean…

Is it not… ironic


Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a lootbox


The site that used to be your main source information doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just that domain changed it’s owner
Think about it like this:
Person X build a house on 38 Waterbuck Verdi, Verdi, Nevada(NV)
After few years X isn’t able to maintain their house anymore, so it eventually collapses, there’s no more house on 38 Waterbuck Verdi, but the address still exists
Y buys the address 38 Waterbuck Verdi and builds (on their own) a casino there

It’s exactly what happened to Cirno
Also FWIW, https://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/ was redirecting to a blank site since at least mid 2021. Last time when Cirno was updated with any content was February 2020


The only reason I had ever heard of Cirnopedia was Gamepress. We occasionally referenced its event guides, but the same kind of information is found here.


I used to reference Cirno for the efficient methods of clearing the weekly master missions. Don’t usually need it, but every once in a while I just want to find the fastest way to clear “15 [trait] enemies” so I don’t waste my time.


Weekly quests trait thread runs here on the board, usually within minutes of the mission drop.


Will low key miss hovering my mouse to Kiyo then seeing her suddenly smile.


Thank you for your dedication :fgo_helenasalute:

Thanks! I will definitely check this page!

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… I’m going to ask in mod chat if it’s feasible to buy the cirnopedia url and have it redirect to the touhou lost word wiki.

Is it in bad taste to buy the name of a dead competitor? Absofuckinlutely

But it has Cirno in the name so…



Well, you went away, Cirnopedia went away. :fgo_rinlaugh:

FGO is still living well and earning lots of money.
FGO has gotten a lot more players than it used to.

Meta is Castoria and coming out soon on NA.

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Current meta in JP is:

Caster Artoria for ARTS

Which is soon to come to NA on this upcoming anniversary

And Koyanskaya of Light for BUSTER

She will come to NA at next year’s anniversary

There’s also a special case called Oberon

He will come next year to NA like a week after Koyanskaya

Quick is still very usable but has fallen behind when compared to Arts and Buster… Although there’s been a couple Quick DPS whose efficiency seems to tease a future new Quick Support

For DPS meta:

Too many, Space Ishtar reigns as the tri-color DPS omni-farmer, Melusine reigns as the Buster omni-farmer, Summer Kama next year as the arts omni-farmer… Also, with Koyanskaya came a lot of Rank-ups to almost every Buster servant available to make it compatible with her