What Happened to me

So… I’m back on Gamepress! I took a break from it, and let’s just say, a lot of things happen in Pokemon GO, while I was gone. First off, I switched teams!


I joined Team Mystic, from the beginning, since I had a personal attachment to Articuno. It was the first Shiny Legendary I’ve ever caught. I actually encountered one, in Soul Silver, one day. I was fighting against a non-shiny one, but it fainted. Thankfully, I saved in front of it, but when I re-setted the game, it was a lighter blue! This time, I caught it (in a Friend Ball of all things)! Sadly, I don’t have that copy of Soul Silver anymore, because I had to sell it, since my mom and I were low on cash. But, I joined Team Mystic, at first. Then, I saw what the leaders looked like. Blanche is fine, so is Candela, but Spark!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! He’s hot!! When I saw him, I thought “OOF! I joined the wrong team!” And there was no way to switch teams at the time. Now, there’s the team medallion, which costs 1000 pokecoins and it allows you to switch to a different team, but you can only use the medallion once a year. So, I switched to Team Instinct, and now… Spark is on my side. I love him :3
I also switched teams, because I have THREE. ZAPDOS.

The Articuno I caught was after I switched teams.

Second, My Pokemon are stronger and I’ve been going up against Team GO Rocket more (I’m still scared to fight the Admins, since I’m not sure which Pokemon to use against them. I’ll most likely create a new discussion for that topic).

Strongest CP

Third, some interesting finds, through this recent event:


So… Glaceon and Leafeon are GOOD in Pokemon GO! I’m kinda shocked, because Leafeon is my least favorite Eeveelution, but it’s surprising to see it hold up well, in Pokemon GO.

This hatched:

Rhyperior (mine at least) is great!

My Aggron knows Thunder!?


A Shiny Wartortle from a raid yesterday:

Fourth, today is my birthday!!

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I don’t talk in the Pokemon Go threads because I don’t play the game, but happy birthday anyways!

By the way, are you ever coming back to the FEH Gamepress? I’m sure the others have missed you!

I might. I’m not 100% sure, yet.

Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day!!!

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Welcome back, and happy birthday!

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Sooooooo you switched teams and yet we were never on the same team… I feel so sorry you never got where the real deal was

But seriously, good to see you’re enthusiastic about the game bro! and Happy birthday :wink:


Welcome back! Happy birthday!

I too have made wrong decisions just because a boy was hot :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, every time I face an admin, I usually have fire type in my first slot because all of the first Pokémon of all the admins are weak to fire, then, I just pit my strongest Pokémon against the rest of their team. I’m almost done with The Shadowy Threat Grows quest, and three of tasks are defeat the admins, so yeah. Oh and happy late birthday.