What happened to the Lucky rate?


For the first time since lucky trades were introduced, I only got one lucky trade during community day. Even before they gave us an extra hour to trade, when we had to sacrifice time from catching, I’ve always gotten at least three lucky trades.

What gives? Did I just have bad luck? Or did they cut the lucky rate down to one percent?


2016 Guaranteed luckies are also messed up. You used to be able to trade 2016’s for a guaranteed lucky if the person trading the 2016 had <10 luckies. My brother had 9, he sent me a 2016 in return for a Outrage Salamence (he couldn’t do the event) and we did not get “lucky”. Yes the pun was intended. I traded with my group for about 45 min after the event and no luckies at all either.


Beldum CD set the bar too high for me personally since my fiancee and I received 5 luckies in that hour post-spawn. Every CD since then has only yielded one lucky, with Bagon day yielding no luckies. Figured the night before we got three luckies, including her receiving a hundo lucky Ralts.


I guess I got quite a few. I did a lot of trades. Was boosted the whole time but I still I threw some luckies away for space. I think I started event with 1 lucky already recorded.


That’s useful data, thanks. So either you are a statistical outlier, or I am, or (more likely) something in between.

Did anyone else have a particularly lucky (or unlucky) day?


I had three lucky trades from 30’ish minutes of trading. So above normal rate for me (normal rate is 5%)


The guaranteed luckies are only from July August 2016, not 2016 in general.


I understand that, most people that I know refer to the July/August 2016’s as 2016 in general, and we don’t even worry about any other pokemon from 2016.


Wow that’s insane luck.

My girlfriend and I went crazy since we had 3 hours weather boosted. Had about 90 Bagon to trade at level 28+ each at the end. Spent the full hour trading, didn’t manage to trade all of them (I had 3 left to trade when we were out of time and had to evolve!), and we only got 3 lucky trades.