What happened to your Death Knight?

It’s one of the few times I used the Level-up feature instead of grinding, and now he’s just, there.

Haven’t played FE3H but when I acquired him, he was uhh, underwhelming, in terms of VA and standby art (it looks weird, not edgy).

I promoted him because I thought he can finally put a stop to forced doubles and speedy units but, his speed sucks imo.

One went to M! Robin for Close Guard, the other two remain :tooobin:


Gave him DC and gave it back to H!Myrhh :tooobin:

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Oh my God, this is too coincidental. I just sent him home for being a ■■■■ in his dialogues.


I thought I was the only one

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Rinea did appreciate his Close Guard

Haven’t done anything with mine. All 3 copies of him are just there in my barracks at level 1.


not even exchanging them for manuals? O.O

Just sat on the bench, untrained.

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Eh, not yet. Maybe some other time if I remember to do that.

Foddered one for Close Guard, not sure what to do with the other two

Merged, then I realized my mistakes, and now the bench

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Both I have are just sitting in Barracks doing nothing

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I foddered the 4* ones to my Sakura and NY!Azura for Close Guard. The 3* one is just kinda chilling in the barracks.

Close Guard fodder.

I merged my death knight copies together. I have been considering merging him further but I’m waiting to see if other interesting free units show up before I consider it.

What will be your target build for him?

I’m really considering him to be a speedy denier since I had difficulties battling him on the Omnicidal Witch chapter

Me? Well, I like his character(Jeritza) and his art is damn well interesting (I like it).

I also like his VA much like I enjoy BK’s. So effectively, just as I have BK in the “eventual arena core” build section, the boy DK is ready to be built up. Though I have yet to decide on one such build. I have plenty of fodder (ranging from Warding Stance 4 cause I gotta be real I’m never ■■■■■■■ using Cav Berkut, to DC and shiz), so I’ve yet to decide.

But just like Thea, and a few others, he’s getting built up for the eventual arena core he’s going to fill in.

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I wanted to like him, but I didn’t find his prf weapon all that great, and because my Grail stash is nonexistent I can’t really do much with him or any Grail unit.

So all of his copies are sitting in my barracks doing absolutely nothing.


One 4* to Lvl 40 for Heroic Ordeals.
Then there rest have been benched :catroll: