What have I done? This is still my first run

Okay but not every player did that and I had better things to do with flowers since B support is locked till you get past chapter 11

I get that it’s a “secret” route but it shouldn’t be this way since El is literally why people picked BE and it’s unfair to have to go against her because you missed an incredibly vague step

I agree that CF shouldn’t have been an “extra”. If anything, silver snow should have been the extra.

I just don’t see the problem with talking to everyone each month. Then again, I’m one of the people that likes roaming the monastery more than actually battling, so idk.

Agree 100%

It isn’t a problem, but it shouldn’t be expected of most players. Especially this late in the game, as players by now have discovered that talking to other characters doesn’t result in anything unless you’re trying to recruit them, and since El is already in your house, there’s no need.

If you don’t talk to El every month then you’re just a fake BE fan

Alright understandable.

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What of I’m a BE fan cause of Petra and not Edelgard?

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Was joke

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Ur a joke

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I know

no u

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I’ve always known that I’m a joke

Uno reverse card

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not as big joke as me

Yi-gi-oh trap card.

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I blame myself for nearly spoiling myself reading my own thread. I didn’t click on the obvious “Spoilers” details thing yet I still feel spoiled. What have I done me? :feh_notlikethis:

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