What historical figures do you think should have been added to the game

Well all of us know that FGO have excluded a lot of important historical figures after all it is impossible to include all of them however I wanted to ask just out of curiosity which historical figures do you think should have been added to the game

For I would choose Beethoven, Khalid ibn alwaleed
,Washington,Thor and Salah eldin
So what about ya

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assuming it’s who I think you’re talking about, this is technically already edison

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So many good options out there. Some of my top picks, in no particular order:

-William Wallace.
-Abe no Seimei.
-Bruce Lee.

Also, how is Thor historical? Assuming we’re thinking the same Thor.

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Hahaha you mean Thor from from avengers

Are we counting characters that they’ve already sort of confirmed but haven’t included in the game yet?

Because if so, then Alexander Graham Bell. He was around during the events of either the London Singularity or the America Singularity (can’t remember which) but was never shown and hasn’t become a servant yet. I think he’d make an interesting support.

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Loli Hitler.

Uh, there’s really too many to name. I guess a niche pick would be Edgar Allan Poe. Authors have worked out pretty well with the likes of Hans and Shakespeare, so I’d really like to see what they could do with him. I can imagine he’d be a fun support that focuses on debilitating enemies.


I definitely agree on a Loli Hitler LoL

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Also it’s kinda strange how they didn’t make Hitler a servant since she is so damn famous in history of mankind

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One person I would definitely include would be Augustus.


the reason behind being famous is exactly why

also, it’s hard to make a “heroic spirit” out of someone that is unabashedly quintessentially pure evil in the eyes of history

like colombus is probably the worst of that we have right now, and he’s even light years better

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There’s also Caster Gilles.

ok, yeah I kinda forgot about him

still though, I’d even say his scale is far lowered, and he does show minor qualities to make it understandable why he’d be considered a heroic spirit (mainly carryovers from his less deranged saber form, but still)

It’s just a game they should make it as interesting as possible they can just make a villain servant out of him as they did to Gilles caster

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also let’s not discount that nazi germany, and by extension hitler, is still a super touchy and uncomfortable subject for tons of people, even over 70 years after the regime’s fall


Yeah you are indeed right now I’m really convinced

also hey, when it comes down to it, let’s just not celebrate the orchestrater of one of history’s largest genocides, ok?

like I know fate has plenty of historical murderers already, but there’s a stark difference between that and this


His inclusion in the game doesn’t automatically have to be as a playable Servant, you know. He could work as some sort of antagonist, I’m sure a lot of people would love to kick his shit in.

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Alright then what do you guys think about Beethoven as a servant I believe that he would be a very popular one

I approve of that. I’ve considered the idea myself before, but never got around to writing up his skills and NP.

I have with Alexander Graham Bell though.

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As long as his kit isn’t too similar to Mozart’s, good idea.

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