What historical figures do you think should have been added to the game

Edgar Allen Poe would be great as a Foreigner.

I believe Jules Verne would be very great for that role h

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you just know people would be asking for him to be summonable right after though

and I’d rather not deal with endless posts of that

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  • Friedrich Nietzsche - Berserker
    NP: Got ist Tot

  • Dante Alighieri - Caster
    NP: Nine Circles of Hell

  • Shimon Ben-Yonah - Saber
    NP: Some controllable La Pucelle flame as a reference to the Pentecost

  • Yehudah - Sinner
    NP: Yehudah’s Bargain

I just think its interesting how all of them could be implemented.


My candidate are :
Khaled ibn walid (rider)
Saladin (saber)
Beethoven (caster)
Hannabal barca (rider)
Sarutobi sasuke (assasin)

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I made an account just to point out that Thor (or at least his card) appears in Prisma Illya


ok, but did you roll for illya?

and/or will you roll for miyu?

I can’t tell if this is directed to me sorry I’m new to forums

I’m f2p and didn’t save quartz at the time so I didn’t get her (my friend who never saves sq got both her and Medb)

I like Miyu (especially her magical girl outfit) but I got Merlin so I don’t know when I would even use her.

Also to answer op’s question: Rider San Martin would be nice since there aren’t any south american servants other than Quetz


Amazing that nobody has mentioned H.P ■■■■■■■■■ at this point…

Why is he censored? Please don’t tell it’s for the reason i think it is.

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what outer god would be be partnered with though, I wonder

You allude to it being the Big C or something that looks very similar to him.

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I literally think about this constantly, lol.
-Abraham Lincoln, either seriously (Ruler) or fictionalized as a vampire hunter (Berserker?).
-William Tecumseh Sherman (Rider or Archer). NP is March to the Sea; Buster AoE that skill seals and inflicts burn or something similar.
-Samson (Berserker or Avenger).
-Doublehead (Avenger?).
-Crazy Horse (Rider or Archer).
-Marie Curie (Caster).

I feel like that’s pretty much the only one they could do. Nyarlathotep would be cool though since he is one of the few that sometimes takes human form. Like, HPL could just be an avatar of Nyarlathotep.

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It’s assumed that the Big C is connected to Hokusai and Nyarlathotep is already connected to Summer BB.

Don’t give someone ideas to genderbend that person. For my own sanity’s sake, I’ll better not look up whether someone’s been insane enough to have dunnit.

It’s come up before, but one in-universe reason 20th century characters and later are excluded (excepting nasuverse’s own creations) is that magic has waned since that time. Granted, they did include Mata Hari regardless (and made her more bosomy than she was too for some reason) so maybe WWI would still be fair game?


Oh yeah, forgot about Summer BB. Hokusai is connected to big C but it’s looser than Abby and Sut-Typhon (Yog-Sothoth) or BB and Nyarlathotop so I think that could still work and would probably be the direction they would go. The mythos is named after him after all. But actually I think the best choice would be Azathoth. The Outer Gods live in Azathoth’s dream so it fits thematically.

You sweet, sweet child. Anyways, does effectively spreading Nazi propaganda by attempting to whitewash Hitler’s image make one a Nazi even if it’s done for the memes? If I were Drachy or prince2019 I would really take a minute to think about how Nazi adjacent I really want to be in the name of lulz.


Amelia Earhart - Rider


Anyway, I mentioned before that, if they wanted to “soften” their arbitrary end-point of history being WWI, when it comes to WWII they could just have a look further afield at grunts, low-ranked officers and mere citizens of that time, from whichever country in that period.

Oootherwise, since Mata Hari was fair game, how about Thomas Edward Lawrence a.k.a. “Lawrence of Arabia”? Also a spy and, if they are so inclined, not engage in idolizing him either.

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Hahaha that is great suggestion

Lol Abraham Lincoln as a vampire Hunter doesn’t exist in history

Lol hahahaha wouldn’t be good to see as a Loli though
It’s not like Oda noubo is a small child