What I hope to accomplish next decade

Link to a recap of my highlights and regrets:

2020 is almost here (and so is another Quarter of college for me, since I’m going for a bachelor’s degree). What I hope to accomplish in the next decade:

FEH related
  • I would love to see some unique and new alts. Even some new banner ideas are welcome (i.e. Hostile Springs, Picnic, Soiree, etc). As long as there are no more Tharja, Camilla, Lyn and DON’T LET AN AVERSA ALT HAPPEN!! (Don’t get the idea!)

  • I’m excited for February, because I know that we’re getting a FEH channel, because it’ll be three years that FEH has been in the app store. I have a feeling that they’re gonna do something big.

  • This year, there haven’t been that many Awakening/Fates Alts (Except for Picnic Flora, Leo and Felicia, Brave Camilla and New year’s Selkie.) Plus, a lot of the Alts are fairly good. But… There are some garbage alts, this year.
    I do hate Fallen Corrin and Fallen Tiki, but at least they’re useful, in some way. I feel like the worst alt had to have been Summer Gunnthra, because:

  1. Useless fodder. Disarm Trap is okay, if you care about Aether Raids. But, why does she have a useless AR skill that I don’t even remember?
  2. The summer banner she appeared on, was a MAJOR LET DOWN. Summer Ylgr is a powerful free unit, yes, but were Nifl and Muspell Alts really this necessary!?

For my favorite alt this year, it’d have to be Brave Micaiah, since she helped me get into the higher tiers. I hope that next year, these are the Winners for CYL:

MALE: Marth and either Owain or Bruno
FEMALE: Eirika and Female Robin (but, after seeing how much potential New Year’s Anna has, of being a good unit, she’s a close second)


For the next year and decade, what I hope to be, is a better person. I know that even though I’ve made mistakes this year and in the past, I hope to improve myself. Here’s what I hope to achieve next year:

  • Abs and a better looking body
  • A job
  • Maybe get married or have a boyfriend that’s not clingy
  • get out of poverty
  • travel outside the USA (I’ve never done that before)
  • have better control over my emotions (hopefully to the point where I show NO emotions)
  • recognize a problem and do something about it.

YES! S!Laegjarn is a great unit (though the Artist did her dirty).


The first time they were expected, since their Book had just ended, but they didn’t need the Summer alts also, or at least not so soon after New Year’s

Would you prefer Lyn got another alt… Oh wait she did… Nifl/Muspell was the better S!banner IMO (both had their good and bad points though).

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I would have preferred neither them, nor Lilina get alts. They’re all solid units, granted, but repeat alts shouldn’t have happened for any of them

I can partially agree, I was a bit upset as I was saving for H!Sakura, but luckily got Laegjarn to +1 in just a few orbs.

Well I can tell you one thing… if my prediction is correct Dorcas will get a Refine in February, Lute got her’s in October, Mia got her’s in December that’s 2 months apart, February is 2 months from December… and if Dorcas is getting a refine I’m hoping that we get 1 of 2 things, 1 massive DC refine batch with 8 DC refines, or 2 we get a 8 person refine batch with 4 DC unit’s and 4 3-4* unit refines… now that would be very nice to see

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Also :feh_obotank:


Ikr! Pretty excited for it too, hopefully they’ll do something big for it this time :feh_peasant:.

I think I can consider these my “resolutions”:

Though I’ve initially placed these for a Christmas wishlist, it makes a fine list for something like goals for the next ywar I cam hopefully achieve

FYI the decade starts in 2021 not 2020 :P 2020 is the last year of the current decade.


Not really :thinking:

Any period of ten years is a decade, and there is no ‘official’ legal nor administrative start or end point, so it can be any arbitrary span of ten years.

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Think you had a typo, so I corrected it :feh_eirikaxmas:

Plz IS not that yellow orb shit again


Oh dang, that’s true :feh_notlikethis:.

Also IS please give a clear sign to the players they can scroll on that minigame you did for choosing the banner :feh_peasant:


See ordinal decade

Ordinal huh… though the OP didn’t specify :feh_lucyshrug: it’s fine by me, she’s through with the message

Well I’m going to be saving my orbs for her revival banner, only need 9 copies, but hoping to snag at least 4.

Indeed :feh_navarreculture: