What I Wanted, But Not How I Wanted It

So, I didn’t realize that the B!Hector revival banner was this week and when I saw it I remembered that mine is sitting at +9 from some failed L!Tiki summons and random 4* specials. I take a look at my orbs, see I have a little over 200 and figure I can grab one copy out of that.

Wrong. All my poor orbs later, and all the TT orbs, and whatever other orbs I could scrounge up, I finally got him to show up… As a 4* special summon.

I don’t even know what to do with this now but at least he’s done, I guess. I could update his build or something, but honestly, I’m just going to let him sit for awhile and think about what he’s done.


Now this is a task failed successfully.


Been there with someone else, except this one’s a freebie.

Rate up tends to be drunk at times.

What is their to update, looks perfect to me besides maybe changing the seal to A/R bond

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Nothing to update except the seal: Mystic Boost, Deflect Missile or Magic, etc., depending on need.

Hardy Fighter is also excellent if you have the fodder, but I use a Bonfire retaliation build in AR offense still.


I always feel like I should celebrate max investment in a character with some fresh skills. Maybe I’ll give him Hardy Fighter for funsies.


It works really well. Just slap a Breath seal on him and he becomes a nearly immovable barrier.

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If you have it go for it. Makes him far superior against ranged units IMO.

Also, WOW. What are the odds of getting him as a 4* special on this particular banner (pretty low I assume).

I’ve actually given up on merging him to +10 myself because his revival banner has screwed me over two times already. So congrats on finishing him!

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Thanks! Glad to have it done. He’s showed up all the time when I haven’t wanted him to and I starting merging him after I got so many after failing to get L!Tiki on her banner forever ago. Then he just kept popping up. Except when I tried to get him of course.