What if a character's death affects the storyline?

So I had a little ‘what if’ moment while playing through Sacred Stones a few months ago (I realise that it’s been almost a year and still haven’t finished the game). So I was playing Eirika’s route and I was up to Chapter 14 “Queen of White Dunes” and killed Carlyle with my Lv 16 (?) Myrmidon Joshua. After that, we discover that Joshua is the prince of Jehanna and that stuck with me for a while. A few days later and a thought came through my mind “What if I accidentally kill Joshua in Chapter 5 and continued?”. What I’m saying here is obvious, I mean it’s in the title, what if a character’s death affects the storyline of the game? Normally, story relevant characters don’t die, they retreat until they’re one relevant moment comes and then they die for real. I of course see why this is the case, after all, someone or more people have to work out the script should a story relevant character die.
It’s still a good “What if”. Fire Emblem’s stories are meant to be simple yet impactful in ways so a character death affecting the story would something huge.


Echoes and Ike’s first game did this. Having certain characters die will give you entirely new dialogue, but I don’t think directly affects the story besides not being able to recruit some characters and/or others being resentful towards you.


I don’t believe it locked you out of anything in Echoes, maybe Est? But it’s Est.

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And Tatiana
And Delthea I think


Does Tatiana join you before Zeke?

She doesn’t join if he dies tho



Also, endings change, but that’s kinda iffy

Clair’s Endings in Echoes:

(If Gray is alive)
“As a knight of the One Kingdom, Clair worked hard on behalf of the continent. In time, Gray’s tenacity won her over, and she became his wife and then a mother. But Clair never stayed grounded—she and her pegasus continued to race across the sky, gawkers be damned.”

(If Gray is dead)
“Gray’s death left Clair feeling betrayed and alone, but she joined the knights of the One Kingdom and contributed greatly to their growth. The people were enamored with her melancholy beauty, which was a splash of color amidst the mostly dour men of the Brotherhood.”


I mean I play Casual cuz I’m not smart, but that would be pretty cool
More work for the devs tho :/


Let’s not forget Gray dying also sends Tobin into a depression he never recovers from.

(if Gray is alive)
As one of the most scrupulous knights in the One Kingdom’s Brotherhood, Tobin spent his life serving his friend King Alm. The king, in turn, placed a great deal of trust in Tobin, eventually granting him both a title and his own castle.

(If Gray is dead)
Unable to move past Gray’s death, Tobin abruptly vanished before reappearing just as suddenly several years later. At King Alm’s suggestion, he joined the One Kingdom’s Brotherhood of Knights. The talkative, playful Tobin of old, however, was gone forever.

Beyond endings, I think critical characters just retreat and become unusable for the remainder of the game.