What if: Duo Hindrance Immunity Seal

either that or everyone dusts off their Nagi’s


The one good thing I will say is not everyone is proficient in using her. It does take a well thought out approach and team support to make her work. There are different levels of “Lynja” proficiency, fortunately!

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Oh Lyn, you’re a wonder


Yeah so that’d be broken af. So who likes unstoppable Lynja, or W!Altina, or any unit can have DR, or no follow ups and no eff damage :feh_notlikethis:

They keep making duo skills be more and more broken, and at this point running hindrance is a necessity for ARD. Making duo’s hindrance removal as a seal would pretty much just throw ARD down the drain lol, because there isn’t really any reasonable way you can stop all these broken duos from being broken af


honestly id just stopplaying ar. or auto it and simply tke the lesser rewards.

but i will also say - all duo hinderence does for me is just make me happy that the units i have - don’t really need it

I simply don’t use Micaiah’s dominance anymore (and she doesn’t need it). she struggles sometimes with some other bull poop people (i’m looking at you Duo Lif), so that’s where i crank out good ole Guinevere.

honestly. Christmas Altina really shoulda just had vantage or null disrupt in her weapon (why not) but she is honestly what i feel Altina Prime shoulda been.

Lyn doesn’t need to “galeforce” her way to be annoying so thats moot. and Alm’s is just great healing. I would never use Eirika’s because i’m just so over spurn things right now it’s not even funny. I don’t use Palla or Ephraim in AR so they are moot

where as i find myself wanting to replace DuoAlfonse because i can’t get him with his special ready and i’m not murdering someone w/time pulse for him, (I could marry him to dancer raphael (and thus also soak up the dark shrines) but that’s also too much work.

with that being said, it won’t surprise me at all if they did do something that the duo skilll ignores blocks and stuff

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In addition to Duo skills being ridiculous, there’s the fact that the Duo’s Indulgence building exists on offense

I don’t think any super serious AR player uses it because Hindrance renders it pretty useless, and most of the good players leave space on their offense buildings to hide. But get a free Hindrance annul and suddenly you have crap like Lynja getting her self dance multiple times, Peony giving free refreshes multiple times, Micaiah allowing Dominance multiple times, and so on. Even if there was a seal for AR-D that disabled Indulgence, that unit would have to he insanely well protected, and even a single Duo skill use could lead to that unit getting killed (and even then, not everyone might even need the Indulgence).

So yeah, this just sounds like all kinds of toxic for AR-D


If there was an offensive mythic with Duma’s catapult effect, that’d work. Or a duo unit with catapult as their duo effect.


Honestly, I hardly never even run into Duo Hindrance… But I guess that’s just because I’m not in the Vault

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I don’t use Duo units in either offense or defense so it would matter much to me. But I can see people’s concern with this.

It could be interesting to see some kind of exclusive seals for AR. For instance a seal that makes the unit a duo hero for Duo Hindrance or a seal that makes a unit inmune to nullify the first structure in his range.

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If this ever became a seal I will laugh at humanity’s failure of the fact why we can’t have nice things, which is gonna be inevitable with IS anyway… :coffee:

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Honestly… I’d just bust out my Mamori for dealing with N.Lyn… but seeing that you hardly never see N.Lyn on a Def team it wouldn’t mean much. Because if Mamori is close to her allies, N.Lyn can’t quad, and with Speacial Fighter and Ignis, N.Lyn gets Exodia’d if she’s not running Windsweep

Too bad most of them that I see are. So you just deal with her as you would L!Cloud

I mean the problem with an ARO Duma is that you can control where they start off, whereas Duma gets placed and is there and only there.

Also a duo with catapult to destroy duo’s hindrance uh… won’t work :feh_notlikethis:

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Only if the AR-D AI could also activate the Dou Skills. xD

No… Just no… bad Orilla


Do that and people will only build keeps for max loss protection and will have to just take the constant losses.

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The mythic skill, being allowed to change the starting position of the unit is the point, so you can target the Hindrance structure if you want. I know what you mean, that it would be extremely powerful, but a lot of new effects are.

As a duo skill, well you’re right there. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did it anyway with some BS phrase “skill not affected by Hindrance structure” or something.

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