What if same rarity servants coins were interchangable?

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  • No

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İf lasagne updated the coins to become universal for their rarity but forced limited servants to use another same rarity limited servant’s coins would that fix the problems with coin system? Or do you think they wont do it because it will affect sales/we have grail casts?


Well it would certainly solve my issues with the system. Even if it was locked to class or something. Id trade something like Nursery Rhyme coins for CasGil coins right away.


I doubt they would do it, but the idea isn’t a bad one.

The part I say “no” to is separating general pool from limited and story-locked coins. That’s not good for the average player or for whales.


I’d gladly trade any number of 4* servant coins for unobtanium old welfare coins :fgo_oryou:. Also, tama is np2 and I’m uninterested in anything beyond ml for her, so could top off those just shy of a second append that I otherwise couldn’t afford because np1, or couldn’t until bond 9


Even if they were class and rarity locked thar absolutely would make things easier.

I would gladly trade Malter coins for Quetz ones.


Just make Mana Prisms useful and allow us to buy coins with them, even if limited per month.


Definitely would do justice to story locked and limited three stars at least~


That would pretty much do it, and would fix a little bit the old welfare problem, you just use the coins of SRs that you aren’t going to use…or Lily


Lily could single handedly append several welfares for me after the 8 I summoned over GudaGuda 5…


If Mango gives 4* rewards per bond level, I guess he should count too, right? :fgo_insane:


no, he is on a league on his own, so no
or he could be an ovnicoin or something


I can get behind “Corrupted coins” being universal.


Salieri and Angry Mango are still screwed, but its an improvement overall

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Seems like an overkill solution, voted no. The currency actually has to mean something, there should be at least some challenge to maxing a Servant.

How about servant coins can only be used by the same servant (regardless of the rarity)?

I’ll use all of ko-Gil and Casgil’s coins for the adult Archer Gil :fgo_gudako:

With grail casting being a thing I don’t see how this helps much at all. If you’re using SSR coins for someone else you still have so few unless you get spooked a lot, but if it was limited SSR coins could only be used for limited SSR’s that is even worse because then spooks only help gen pool SSR’s and not the huge laundry list of limited SSR’s we have. All my Karna, Mordred, and whatever else spooks say hi. This is even worse for 4* and 3* servants because 4* servants are a coinflip for the limited one versus the gen pool ones even for shared rateup with multiple limited SR’s on a banner. Then 3* has so few limited servants it barely matters if you can exchange them.

Best way to do it that I read here is add uni coins to the mana prism shop because mana prisms are plentiful.

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I was going to vote “No” but then I remembered that I’m not a masochist. :fgo_gudako:


You’ve been betrayed by the gacha many times.
Something inside you has always been there. And now it’s awake.

Don’t deny it. Feel it. Embrace it. :feh_flaynfire:


I’d normally agree with this sentiment if there weren’t so many servants that are impossible to get more coins for. My poor grailed ryouma forever stuck without the option to append because I won’t just bond him non stop until bond 12. How about early servants who never get banners any more so you can’t summon them beyond a hope and a prayer for a spook even if mad enough to roll beyond np5

@lapucelle223… There’s enough servants without alts that makes that solution insulting. Why should I be able to max Medusa lancer and not Circe just because rider Medusa exists but Circe only has an apprentice, not a double.



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