What if the refinery got a "Weapon Fusion" update

I saw something like this on reddit sometime ago. So what if the weapon refinery got an update that allows “weapon fusion” to become a thing so here are the rules.

  • Units can create a “fusion weapon” by combining the effects of 2 generic weapons as long as they have them learned in their skill list. Both weapons also need to be their “+” version.

  • Fusion weapons have their own model separate from other weapons and are used for the unit in battle.

  • The weapons need to have different effects so no fusing Huge Fan with Spirited Axe for example.

  • When bows are fused the resulting weapon does the same damage against fliers as a normal bow. So no double effective against fliers, they have it rough already.

  • Brave (and similar attack twice weapons like Ninja Katana) Weapons, Firesweep weapons and Poison Dagger (and similar weapons like Kitty Paddle) aren’t usable for this mechanic. If they were then everyone would be adding their effects to higher MT weapons.

  • Units who can use this mechanic are anyone without a prf from gen 1-2.

  • Gen 1 units can fuse an inheritable weapon with their prf. However the weapon itself needs to be from a gen 1 unit so no Berserk Armads or Flame Siegmund. The resulting weapon will use the sprite for the prf weapon.

  • The only similar effects from 2 weapons that stack are in combat stat boosts and in combat debuffs for the opponent. Other effects like Slaying, dagger debuffs (the visible kind), special acceleration (under same conditions) do not stack.

  • Fusing 2 generic weapons uses refining stones while fusing prfs with a generic weapon uses divine dew. I haven’t figured out how much it should cost. I’m open to suggestions.

I’m also thinking that every unit in the game could have an internal flag to determine eligibility for this mechanic. As powercreep evolves more recent generics can be flagged to be able to use it. Same goes for gen 2 and above units who have prfs. The reason I don’t have every prfless unit eligible from the beginning is that I want older prfless units to have a way to make up for the big bst differences between them and recent generics. Also some recent generics could get prfs of their own some day.

Would this be a good way to buff some older units whose prfs aren’t so good instead of individual re-refines? If there are any limitations missing that would cause an imbalance what would those be? Are there any gen 1 units who shouldn’t be eligible because they are too strong already (I was thinking B!Ike but I’ll allow it for now)? And if this mechanic was real what weapons would you make and who would you use it on?

I’ll update this post if there are any new rules or limitations to consider.


It’s really interesting, but certainly gives a huge middle finger to Nameless Blade, which is just Wo Dao and Slaying (everyone would run that. I would run that on my Lyn)

I think it should be limited to non-PRFs. Even if some of the gen 1 refines were bad, some later ones were also good (Nowi, for example, is a Gen 1 unit with an insane refine. Also can you imagine giving Alondite wo dao?).

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I’d prefer a system that lets you apply any single inheritable skill to a weapon. I.e. allow a weapon to inherit a skill from a manual the skill “inheritance” then becomes the refine icon for the weapon model - seems like a simpler way to get mostly the same result with a lot more flexibility.

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I saw that thread in Reddit, so I’ll write the same thing I wrote there.

I rather allow units to forge seals into their weapons based on book/gen like DFs. Book I could forge 3 seals (no repeats) while Book VI would get 0, with a yearly increase alongside the BST bump.

The feature would use coins instead of dew/stones.


Sounds good, but no Prf/generic fusion. combining deck swabber with Plegian axe or candy cane with courtly candle is gonna be good enough.


No repeats, but you can still fuse A/S solo, A/D solo, and A/R solo for +18 atk.

I know they need it, but that’s still overkill.

Interesting concept, I think the fusing of inheritable weapons could work. But I have to agree with @_Help_Me , the concept of fusing a PRF weapon with an inheritable weapon sounds a bit difficult to put into reality. Who gets access to this and who doesn’t? Gen 1 has some good refines, take Raijinto, Urvan or Blazing Durandal for example. You can’t just skip them, some players would be very mad about it.

Also, Whitecap Bow (S!Elincia’s weapon) may be a refinable inheritable weapon despite the brave effect, the thought of that weapon being fused with something like Springy Bow sounds bonkers

The problem with giving gen 1/2 PRF weapons an additional effect (either by inheriting a skill or fusion) is that the sucky ones will still be suckier than the cool ones if they also get a new effect


Was going to mention that lol.

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That’s quite a unique system. It really could allow for greater customisation for all units.

I imagine if IS was to improve inheritable weapons, they could improve the stat refines themselves by granting more stats or small bonus effects. E.g. if you refined a weapon in speed, you’d gain a tiny amount of damage reduction or something.


So you telling me I could combine both Unbound AND Vulture weapons together… both my Oboro’s are bout to become even more stronger :feh_flaynfire:


Good, another buff to my Ayra :feh_rein:

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Maybe, I still think that forging seals into weapons would be less problematic than inheriting a skill or an inheritable weapon into them. I know +18 atk seems like a lot, but by the time a system like this would be implemented, current gen weapons would be way pass that.

Still, if triple solos seem too broken, they could restrict the forging to only one seal of the same family tree (which also takes care of repeats).

Alternatiely, the forging system could be based on when the weapons (inheritable and prf) were refinable for the first time. That way, refinable weapons from ver 2.0 to 3.0 would get 3 seal slots, 3.0 to 4.0 2 slots, and 4.0 to 5.0 1 slot, with every year expanding the system.

I don’t know, it’s an idea to keep old units and inheritable weapons relevant without restricting the power of new inheritable weapons (because we all know that if something like what OP gets added into the game, the quality of them will drop). Meanwhile, seals have been pretty tame throughout the years because they don’t have acces to T4 versions or new skill trees.


The thing about seal fusions onto weapons is that atm it would allow all Flier’s to gain Iotes… but Cav/Armors won’t be able to have that luxury (while newer Gen Armors don’t deserve it… a lot of early Gen Armors could use every little bit they can)


I don’t see many old fliers becoming problematic when running Iote’s shield. Like a Deadeye from DuoChrom would probably delete them from existence anyways.

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Well seeing that the majority of old Fliers have pretty bad bulk you’re not wrong, but theirs more Fliers that recently came out with far better bulk who could tank him with Iotes

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I read the entire thread and i love both the fusion weapon stuff and the forging seals into weapons too. Forging seals into weapons scares me tho, because it can lead to tanky units with two deflect skills and stuff like that, but it could also be cool to see gen 1 units tanking like champs. On the other hand, the fusing weapons is less dangerous and it looks fun too. The best thing? Getting the it’s curtains effect without the curtains themselves.

Imagine Faye with Spendrift Bow fused with its PRF. OR Amelia with deflect melee, armor march and an extra stats ability on top of her PRF (and a save). Soren with three different form skills on top of his tome, or a Nino with both blade and raventome. Both things would spice things up and i could fantasize about it over days.


Fusing the 2 weapons I mentioned for my Oboro (Unbound + Vulture) would be a pretty crazy combo especially since the incombat debuffs would stack (at least by OP’s mentioning) so even without the foe being debuffed/paniced you are still inflicting -10 x/x while also neutralizing foes buffs to those stats, debuffing/panicking them just pushes the incombat debuffing even further


If you could put in Spirited Sword’s effect you could run a good special spamming build that doesn’t need stat checks. At least Fir would be able to Glacies spam.

I would still like it if at least some PRFs could get a customizable buff like this. One of the first to pop into my mind is how we could make Jaffar not worse than your average pain healer. Probably by putting Courtly Fan into his weapon so he can run watersweep for full sweeping and doubles.

As for the units like Ryoma I do agree it would be tricky. But I did lay out that a system like this could update to include units like him eventually if he ever winds up falling behind as the meta shifts. It would make things easier on IS’ side since all they have to do is switch a value of false to true instead of coming up with a new refine.

You could or you could go further and put in something like Piercing Tribute + Unbound so you can counter impact effects.


I just though of something disgusting for seal fusion… Ophelia, now if Gen 2 units can fuse at least 2 seals, Hardy Bearing + L&D3… but question, if the unit fused a seal into their weapon are they locked from using said seal also or can they still use it cuz I’d slap L&D seal on her to further her damage even more and make her bulk almost non existing


Ophelia doesn’t have a refinable weapon yet, so in the case weapons have access to the forge after becoming refinable (the alternative scenario), she would not have access to forging seals yet (and wouldn’t for a while).

However, Sonya would and it is a scary thought. I don’t know if seals and forged seals should stack or not. In one hand, it would make the restriction on the skill tree pretty pointless if people can’t forge deflect magic + deflect missile, but can forge one and run the other as seal; on the other hand, a part of me says bring it on! LND 10 Sonya for the lulls!