What if your active "Best Buddy" had access to a 3rd charge move for PVP

Just keeping it to best buddy so you’d have to actively consider your team and could at most have 1 pokemon with 3 moves as well as whether getting that 3rd move in masters classicis worth giving up Dialga’s break point.
What would you like to 3 move in each league.

Great: I was tempted to say Azumaril, Hypno, but settled on Jellicant.
((Mew would also be tempting but unfortantly because I chose Best Buddy to limit it to 1, mine would be ineligible if BBed)

Ultra: I thought about Scizor but settled on TinaO

ML Classic: I thought about Groudon, and Machamp but Mew2 (IB/FB/Strike) though I might stick with Dialga.

ML… I dont know I dont play it :>

Anyway, just for fun speculation

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I’ve a slightly blinkered view as I have relatively few PvP teams, but I’ve already had various dilemmas when building. …

GL - Hypno, it’s got lots of better-than-viable moves, practically no bad choice

UL - can I say Umbreon now, because I have a L50 one, im even debating ETM a second legacy move onto it. But then swap Jellicent in when I get it to L50 in 2023?

ML - my heart says Tina-O because it’s my favourite, Dialga is too obvious, but my head says either M2 or Kyogre. So (shiny) Tina-O it is. The giant stripey blue ghost-dragon that it is.

Snorlax and mew in every league ;)
Snorlax - I’m not sure. Probably SP/BS and either EQ/OR
Mew… Well… Wild charge/overheat plus DC OR surf. Or flame charge?

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Mi initial thoughts (Don’t really play pvp)

Machamp with Cross Chop, Rock slide and payback
Mewtwo with shadow ball, psystrike and … (Not sure)
Garchomp with sand, ground and dragon attacks
Snorlax with fighting, normal and ground/dragon attack

Basically every pokemon that has no clear winner between their current charged attacks could greatly benefit from a 3rd one.

In GL i would choose Diggersby or Medicham. Azu and HYpno also looks good .

in UL Jellicent, Galvantula, Cresselia, Lapras

in ML M2 looks like obvious choice. tHen Shadow Machamp , Gyarados.

Oh yea, azu in GL would be so OP. Gunfisk also would be fun :D

For ML therian Lando and zacian would profite a lot as well!

Such a change would be horrible for the game but for fun Hypno is an obvious choice. Primeape with access to Ice Punch plus it’s NS/CC would give it coverage for Flying types. Sirfetch’d is a good pick too, all of it’s charge moves have a purpose depending on your team comp.

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I know its not an answer to what your asking, but i would rather have a second fast move than a third charge move if given the choice, feel like i could have more fun with that lol


Shrug, Its not going to happen but my thought process was firmly centered on the “1” pokemon only.

I agree it would be horrible if every pokemon had 3 moves.
But with limit of 1… it would make team building more “Fun” because you’d have that trade off.
Do you make your one Mew2? Garchomp? Can’t do both…

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Same effect, same fun choice… long as it was limited to 1 pokemon you could expand the thread to the same concept. would work.

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What about a limited number of moves across your team in total? You can have a total of 10 moves in your team of 3, slightly ridiculous example but if you chose to give your Mewtwo all of its potential moves, you can only have fast moves on your other two.

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That would still be fun… Long as you had to actually build a strategy around moves. 10 would be too many because your just have everything good… now 6 total… that be interesting… mono move something to 3 move something else… neat idea

It’s the “Strategy” angle of team building that I enjoy and was just playing at with this thread.

With generic 1 fast 2 charge, there’s maybe what 10 pokemon in general people use ,multiple combos of which means there isn’t much strategy.

The only pokemon atm where I pick moves based on team composition is Mew2 where I have a couple with IB and FB vs standard SB (though Hypno in GL too)


Gimme Hitmonchan for both GL and UL…ALL THE PUNCHIES. He’ll flutter like a Butterfree and sting like a Beedrill