What in the world are we doing with Snorlax in PVP?

Our Totoro’s current charge movepool is:

  • Earthquake (good coverage, non-STAB, takes a while to charge)
  • Outrage (mostly unresisted, non-STAB, takes above average time to charge)
  • Heavy Slam (smaller coverage than other moves, good for shield baiting, non-STAB)
  • Hyper Beam (a nuke, but takes forever and a day to charge, has STAB)
  • Body Slam (good for shield baiting, strong damage, has STAB, but is legacy)
  • Return (good for shield baiting, strong damage but still inferior to Body Slam, has STAB, only obtainable by purifying shadow Snorlax)
  • Skull Bash (miniature nuke, takes a while to charge, guaranteed defense boost, has STAB)

We can only have two charged moves in GO so what are people carrying at this point if you’re rocking Snorlax in UL or ML?

We want Body Slam for that all-around versatility but that move is legacy.

Return is Body Slam Jr but you have to weed out a Snorlax from a Rocket battle to get it.

Skull Bash or Earthquake would both make good finishers, but what about Outrage to more effectively take out dragons?

Is there really any more ideal option besides happening to have a legacy Snorlax or does every moveset end up falling short in some way? Kind of frustrating considering the wide movepool Snorlax has now, honestly being the best Normal attacker and defender in PVE to boot.

I’m kind of leaning towards Return/Outrage, but at the same time, all my best Snorlax are non-legacy, wild caught, and are carrying Skull Bash.

I’ve played around with a non-legacy Snorlax in master league PvP, and I’ve settled on Outrage/Earthquake as its charged moves. Since both moves cost a fair amount of energy, I primarily use it as a closer in matches. And if my opponent swaps in to Origin Giratina at any point, Snorlax handily takes care of it. Heavy Slam is an acceptable substitute for either move, if you’re looking to apply more shield pressure.

I recently acquired a hundo purified Snorlax that I’ve been powering up as well. Though not as good as Body Slam, Return is still serviceable and let’s you play the shield-bait game.

I’m not much of a fan of Hyper Beam or Skull Bash simply because they take so long to charge up. The defense buff from Skull Bash is nice, but given the move’s high energy cost, it often doesn’t seem to make much of a difference by the time it gets used.

I’d say bodyslam is best, with Eq or outrage as a second option, depending on whether you want to hit dialga/steels or giratina/non dialga dragons harder.

Nonlegacy isn’t bad, but less threatening , it’s a bit like nonlegacy (poison fang) venomoth in GL, it’s legacy is best but can do well without it. EQ and OR are both good moves in masters, I lean towards HS a bit more since that at least applies some shield baiting and can get a bigger hit on togekiss, but return also isn’t bad. Skull bask I think is the more useful of the normal charge moves that aren’t legacy/shadow locked, since the defense boost, but not sure how useful it would be since it takes so long to charge, lax will already have taken a good amount of damage unless it’s fighting some thing like giratina or another brick wall Pokémon. Hyper beam is more damage yes, but shields kill it and it lacks the defense boost.

You really can kinda mix and match with snorlax sets, all have some usage but all sets Have big draw backs in matches against big name Pokémon in masters/ultra. Masters it’s Better since fighting is less prevalent

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Lucky trade for one with Body Slam. Totally worth it, and slaughters Giratina-O with Lick. Plus, much easier to power up to level 40 when it costs half as much.

Ahh people always saying stuff like it’s just a matter of sheer willpower, we can go to the lucky Snorlax store and they’ll have a good legacy one there :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have some old legacies actually but I’m just saying in this thread how strangely difficult it is to obtain an ideal moveset for this particular Pokémon…


Agree 100%. That’s why it’s worth using a lucky trade. I’ve made lucky trades for:
Mud Slap Poliwrath
Thunder Shock/Discharge Magneton
Hydro Cannon Blastoise

All of these both have legacy moves, and need to be powered up to level 40 (37+ for Poliwrath) to be good in the Ultra League. Considering legacy trades for:
DB/DC Dragonite (not very hopeful, but always looking)
DB Gyarados (not as useful, but still a nice one to have in the pokemon toolbox)

Also, there are plenty of players out there who aren’t fans of PvP. They are usually very willing to trade away stuff that’s PvP gold, but not very useful to them. Just make sure they are happy with what they get in trade from you, too.

Very agree here, a friend of mine has one, and through out every run of kyogre, the big pink whale eluded him (he also loves pink/prurple shinies) and when he saw I had 3 of them, and I saw he had a legacy x 2 nite, we planned this lucky trade 3 months before we even hit best friends. A lucky trade for not only a rare double legacy, but one of the pvp best double legacies i’d say’s a great use of one (latios might have the same set/better stats, and giratina A might be bulkier, but both are weak to dark/ghost, while giratina A also prefers SC, while also having that nifty walling of swampert for masters). Poliwrath with mudshot same deal, that thing’s just straight gross. So much charge spam, so much. After a few punch or three, even something like venusaur wont want to safely come in agaisnt it.

Exceedingly true, pvp battlers are a small portion of the player base, I got a legacy venomoth (accidentally overcharged it for GL, 1517 RIP) an he said he’d have traded it for anything when I sent him a dragonite, most players dont care about it, and seem to rather have better raid counters.

I’d say dragon pulse also has some viability, since its 60 v 65 energy for outrage, (regret at TM’ing away DP literally the day before they added second moves) as it is slightly faster than the nonlegacy OR, but DC is just so much better. Part of me hopes they do a day where it comes back.

Given how good DB/DC Dragonite is, I can’t see them not bringing it back in some way. New players had no chance to get it, and even players who started when the game came out (like me) but didn’t play fanatically (still don’t), didn’t get one because Dratini was almost as rare then as Unown is now - by the time I got enough candy to evolve a Dragonite (no buddy walking, no pinap berries, it was harder then), the moveset was already legacy.

I’d love to trade for one, but am not willing to sell the farm for it, because I figure it will return somehow. Perhaps a special raid day like IS/IB Lapras had, or maybe they will craft a special TM that lets you tap into legacy moves, possibly just for a specific pokemon, “Use this TM to give Dragonite the fast move Dragon Breath,” etc. We’ll see.

When the game first came out, the big park down the street from where I live was a Dratini nest (before those got permanently removed with the first nest rotation) and I didn’t even know it. Heck, at that point in the game, I didn’t even know what a nest was lol. I’d still be salty about it, but even if I did know about the nest and grind there, it probably wouldn’t have helped. The curse of Steel Wing-only Dragonites was all too real for me before TMs were a thing. :rofl:

Definitely possible to see a raid day rerun, only issue is won’t be GL eligible so RIP for that, but masters would be great

Waiting for that shiny kyogre\double legacy Nite trade I got organized (it’s like level 35 so say out of GL range) to happen then literally next day ‘DB\DC nite raid day!’ (Since that’s actually what happened with a double legacy lapras I got)

@BlameScott same thing with my local park, I didn’t play at the start, but heard after the fact they were everywhere. It’s too much of a marketable attraction for niantic to not rerelease somehow.