What in your opinion is a appropriate reward for reaching level 24 in a 3 month long GBL?

I believe it’s time for a huge upgrade to libre pikachu in GBL especially if the go battle league is going be 3 months long. I think a great reward that will also get more players playing in the league is a exclusive unreleased legendary only available in GBL for a year or a powerful legendary with a signature move not available from elite tm for a year or finally a mega legendary with a huge mega energy reward like 1000 mega energy or more ( would say mewtwo, but we all know mewtwo’s mega drop is going be Niatic’s biggest cash cow raid )

Some people did not like PvP. Problems… many problems
I like PvP so…
In my opinion: for example Ho-oh with Gust

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I like the idea of people being able to access rare Mons/legendaries via GBL, and that reward pool could definitely use an update.

That said, legendaries/megas that are exclusive to GBL doesn’t sound like the right direction to go. Especially as a replacement for Pikachu Libre, who was the top rank reward. Most players realistically just won’t get there in an average season. It’s one thing if you don’t get a costumed Pika. It’d be something else entirely if it was a highly meta relevant legendary/mega locked behind the top ranking of PvP that you weren’t going to get.

Plus, legendary raids are big money-makers for Niantic. If they made legendaries exclusive to GBL, they’d basically be throwing money away, and Niantic can’t have that. :wink:


I do understand raids and mega’s are their cash cows. That’s why I said if they did pick a exclusive legendary, mega, or legendary with exclusive move it should be for the whole year or next 4 go battle seasons before making an appearance in raids. So it does not deplete their raid boss pool significantly, gets more players interested in playing the go battle league, and gives a player playing a truly worthwhile goal. Getting to the highest rank is not easy excluding this current season. So it would a be a huge badge of accomplishment to be using the reward Pokémon in raids, gbl, and gym battles.

A compromise that would still be worthwhile could be a mega Lucario with a huge mega energy bonus.

I would personally argue that Pika Libre along with the exclusive avatar clothes and pose are already pretty big bragging right incentives for reaching the highest rank each season. Not to mention the cache of items and 100,000 dust awarded to top rank players at the end of a season. So, personally, I think the incentives are already there. :man_shrugging:

Also, if an exclusive legendary was the penultimate reward for reaching the highest rank in GBL in a season, I don’t think that would encourage more people to try GBL. I think it would just frustrate them, as it would fall into the “welp, never gonna get that” category.

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Pika Libre that wait for it…can evolve!

My other thought was some kind of item that could max out a Pokémon for free. They could call it Poké Growth Hormone.


that would defiantly be item worth playing for. Would be amazing to use an item or feature like that on shadow mewtwo or similar Pokémon.

I think that some gen 6 mons will be introduced that way. Think braviary or scraggy the last seasons…
Probably that will be extended. Maybe five different ones this season?

A Sylveon that knows Hyper Voice

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Squirtle libre! No seriously I don’t want legendary rewards gated to top rank, the majority of people won’t be able to reach it which would just annoy the community. Have a big stardust reward and a bit of XL candy and a sick wrasslin turtle

Mega energy should be in the set rewards in the berry pool or replacing shudder sinnoh stones

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Pikachu with Volt Tackle that can also evolve into Raichu with Volt Tackle!

I don’t have high expectations. I can see them giving the same rewards every season easy. I hope it’ll be something cool, of course. Libre is no longer satisfying now that it’s no longer an achievement to top PvP’ers

What concerns me is that it might be another sleeper season like s5 was. Usually R10 is achieved within 5-7 weeks. Now we have 12 weeks. It won’t be really motivating or competitive if you reach R24 in a short time and then you have to wait a month for the new season to achieve something again. But we’ll see…

If you get a year early Legendary with elite move for being really good at PvP then I want a year early Legendary for being really good at PvE. I’d also like significantly increased dust rewards, like 3 times to roughly match a set of GBL, for when I clear short man T5s with loads of time to spare.

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100 XL Rare Candy and multiple Elite TMs.

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Niantic should be like Innersloth (Among Us). Innersloth only has 3 devs, and as far as I’m concerned, Innersloth doesn’t make cash grabs.

There is already a big gap between the elite “real Rank 10” battlers and the normal trainers. If you give them a powerful new GBL meta-defining Pokemon, or an existing one upgraded with a bananas powerful special move, you’re only making that gap even bigger, so less and less people will ever be able to get to the top ranks.

I’m OK with a new Gen 6 rare or legendary Pokemon for a year that is not GBL meta-defining (just like Pika Libre, perfect example). What about Xerneas? I wouldn’t care to wait for another year and it would still give bragging rights. Plus poses, clothes, etc, those were cool rewards.


Pop up window that allows the winner to make a choice.

If you want something non-power based it could list all the pokemon already released with a hat/costume and the trainer could pick one. There by getting any costume they mixed.

If you want something power based. Let them pick any released pokemon, then pick it’s moves. In essence they could get a second (or even third) Elite TM. They could even pick up a 2nd Mew to have one built for 2 leagues.


A Shiny Mew is a great reward and an interesting way to introduce Shiny Mythics.

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Well there is already shiny mystics such as Darkrai, Genesect, and Meltan.

I do agree shiny mystic such as mew or jirachi also would make a great reward to work towards.

Given how many bugs and glitches make it live in Go, sometimes it sure seems like Niantic only has 3 devs. :joy: