What Indicates a Whale to You?

Most of us have seen the thread that tries to determine a player’s whale status based on how much they spend.

However, since none of us can actually know how much the other players on our Friends Lists spend – what, to you, are the telltale signs that a player on your Friends List is a real, live whale?

Please choose as many choices below that help you determine if a player on your Friends List (or if you yourself) are, in your opinion, a whale.

  • At least one NP5 servant
  • All-NP5 servants in Support List
  • NP5 Arjuna Alter
  • All major support servants (Skadi, Merlin, etc)
  • MLB Kaleidoscope
  • MLB Black Grail
  • Rare Trophy Servant (Fujino, Miyu, etc)
  • All-SSR Support List
  • All-10/10/10 Support List
  • At least one lvl 100 servant

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I feel like this is tongue in cheek because even the full NP5 option is without stipulations. General pool SSRs can spook over time, and it’s easy enough to field a full welfare NP5 list.

As is none of these options guarantee non-f2p.

Literally the only telltale sign is going to be numerous -limited- NP5 SSRs and 3+ copies of MLB kscope etc. It’s pretty feasible to have your luck lean one way with gen pool CEs, like I had 2xgen pool MLB pretty early.

However why does it matter if a SL isn’t f2p?


Personally my actual criteria is: NP3 or more on an SL that’s all SSRs or always has multiple NP levels even on Event SLs. Otherwise I’m a F2P and I could put up an all SSR Support list and have several lvl 100 Servants :fgo_casgilworry:


-snow-white head
-wrinkled brow
-crooked jaw
-especially large spout
-hump shaped like a pyramid
-three holes in right fluke of tail


All-NP5 servants in Support List

If they’re SSRs, yes, that’s definitely a whale.

OTOH, all-SSR support list is easily possible for a Day 1 player. Same with a single NP5 SSR or MLB SSR CE is certainly possible with luck for a Day 1 player. All 10/10/10 is just grinding. And Miyu is just saving.

tag which of these poll options you’ve achieved.

OK, I have:

  • ALL NP5 servants – it’s a full set of NP5 Welfares, though I have some NP3 SRs.
  • At least one NP5 servant – see above
  • Rare Trophy Servant – Angra Mainju counts, right? Right? OK, being serious, I lucked into Summer BB.

None of the rest apply to me, but I’m pretty proud of my 10/10/10 Kiara. Ara ara!


tag which of these poll options you’ve achieved.

I have

  • at least 1 np5 (I assume op means ssr, but yes to that too)
  • maybe all major supports (it depends on what we define as ‘major support’. have all the big card supports out on na and waver tho)
  • mlb black grail
  • rare trophy servant, though not in support… yet. triple support setup when
  • all 10/10/10 support… I think. going off of memory here, tbh. but memory says they’re all maxed. also just talking main support, since event bonus stuff varies wildly
  • I always have a kiyo up, so there will always be at least one lv100 on support

could have, but don’t

  • mlb scope. don’t since I need 3 copies for my farm comp

will never have

  • all-ssr support list, because see kiyos


  • all np5, np3 at most is fine for most by me
  • np5 arjuna alter, gssr luck let’s go (I plan to roll other gssrs)

Pretty much. I’ve seen lazy whales with full SSR rosters of limited sevants from NP3-NP5 range but 4/4/4 skills on nearly all their servants including meta supports.

Why you would whale so hard and leave them at 4/4/4 is beyond me.


While it’s often a matter of laziness

Some people just don’t play enough to match the collection they’re accumulating. Especially when they reach the critical mass of needing 500+ boxes just to max skills.

The more you whale the more you have to grind but real life doesn’t respect that

Facebook whales are just lazy tho


I had such a person on my list, their message tag was “too many good chars ;-;” and they pulled SSRs on basically every banner. They had (lv80!) NP5 Kiara from her last banner before Ooku and didn’t skill her skill 2/3 above 1 until Gilfest. Their Waver is still like 4/3 even though they farmed Gilfest and finally leveled their Servants.

I added them for Ooku CEs/pmod during Kama’s banner and kept them out of curiosity to see when they’d skill/level :fgo_gudako:

They always have MLB drop CEs when I need them :fgo_bbsmile:


My criteria is:

  • A lot of NP3+ limited SSRs
  • More than one Superscope

If both conditions are met, the chances are high but still not enough to be sure.


IMO several mlb 5* general pool CE is the best sign, as well as multiple NP5 SSR . Othetwise can go either way(also, i guess dolphins exist? Unless one counts them as whales too).


Im guessing the NP3 stipulation is List wide? Since an f2p can also luck out on 1 or 2 np3 SSR, and an SSR per class is something most players who roll will eventually get

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Nowadays people seem to just use whale to describe any pack buying.

But yeah, I agree that general luck over time is greatly underrated as a not all that rare possibility. A list needs to be very stacked to indicate a lot of SQ packs.

The bell curve exists. I saw a few people walk away with NP5 Kama in under 200SQ. The old “f2p btw.” Same with gen pool CE luck


So i guess I count as a whale for buying SQ for GSSR? :fgo_emiyasmile:


I wouldn’t put much stock in the labels tbh. The individual knows what a little gambling within their means is compared to compulsive gambling without sensible limit. S’all relative.


Meanwhile i had to drop 1200 SQ to get Archuria to np2 :fgo_seiba:


The outliers at both extremes are always the ones we’re gonna hear about

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At the end of the day, whale or dolphin depends on your spenditure and the extents you’re willing to go to.

If you buy a pack or two for a banner you can’t resist, you’re not a whale. If your luck is absolutely garbage but you keep swiping your credit card until it works, and do that semi-regularly, you are definitely a whale


My 3 Arjuna spooks all from free SQ say yes


I guess at the end of the day it really just depends on luck. But yea when i see a full np5 SSR roster whale. Or god forbid an np5 lv 100 support caster. To Me that screams “I’m a whale friend me”
Surprised how common those are becoming .

a couple mlb scopes thrown on them Yea that’s more than likely a whale. … I want to say mlb black grail but sometimes u get lucky, for example that ce actually plagues me to the point i wish I could transfer one to my jp account where it avoids me. I only have 1 maxed because seriously you only need one max and that’s the one you throw on a super charged salter to just blow someone’s face off.

Myself I can be considered one by some players given the …ridiculous amount I’ve spent on certain servants and certain craft essences . But I don’t call myself one or even consider myself one. because I pick and choose what I roll for. And its mostly just not knowing when to give up if it’s someone I really wanted or one I care a great deal for as a character I will np5 them :fgo_meltbirb:
Even if it hurts. …god forbid they stay at np4 then it bothers me…for months till they return

Big example