What is a fact about FEH that the community refuses to accept

Tbf, colorsharing does decrease the odds of getting a focus unit even on a 3/4 person banner, I could have +10’d FF.Corrin on her release banner but thanks to colorsharing I pulled 7 F.Tiki’s and only 5 FF.Corrin’s

Edit: When I say decrease the odds of getting a Focus I mean getting the focus you want


That is not how it works

Both Tiki and Corrin had a 0.75% chance to appear, color sharing does not affect that

What is affected is your average number of 5 stars per orb spent, which is effectively doubled since you have a 1.5% chance at getting a 5* colorless focus as opposed to 0.75%

Overall color sharing can and should only be seen as a positive thing


look in my defense I’ve pulled 17 Python’s since he launched and literally not a single one has been +spd


It still lowers your chances of getting the unit thats being colorsharing because while yes they both have the same odds, if you only want 1 of the 2 and you get the one you didn’t want, while yes you still got a focus from it, but it’s still not the one you wanted. I spent 400 orb’s on that banner, got around 25 5* units from that banner, with my main focus being only FF.Corrin, and thanks to F.Tiki colorsharing I wasn’t able to +10 on that banner, and while I may have not gotten another 7 FF.Corrin’s in place of F.Tiki if they haven’t been colorsharing, I would have at least pulled more of her.

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Bruh you averaged a 5 star every 16 orbs and a Corrin every 80, this is hella lucky

What were you even expecting


To +10 FF.Corrin, but thanks to the colorsharing that didn’t happen


This has been argued to death so many times now.


And yet people still don’t understand lol. Fitting for this thread


Bruno doesn’t exist


Escalation will always be a thing.

A loss in AR-O is just another person outsmarting you.

The game doesn’t need to change to your ability, your ability needs to change to the game.

Idiots can lose with a team of +10 meta units, and smart players can win with unmerged gen 2 units.

What you chalk up to powercreep can likely also be described as “operator error.”

And L!Lyn and impenetrable dark ought to bypass saves but IS are a bunch of obnoxious ■■■■■


I’m not saying it decreases your chances of getting a focus, I’m saying it decreases your chances of getting the focus unit you want due to the colorsharing since now that color is split between the 2+ unit’s. I mentioned this with an edit before even your first reply. Your going to have far better chances of summoning a focus unit you want when it’s not colorsharing than they will if they are colorsharing, obviously the odds of getting any of the focus units will always be the same since it’s just % ÷ # of units, but colorsharing lowers your chances of getting a said unit you want. On the first baby banner all I wanted was a single Y.Caeda and after 400 orb’s I ended up with 5 5* Y.Marths and 0 Y.Caeda. You can’t tell me that Colorsharing doesn’t lower your chances of getting a specific unit.

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I just did

Anyway this conversation is getting ridiculous so I’m gonna stop replying

It’s clear you don’t know how summoning works


So if I go back to the Falchion banner and wanted an Alm that the first focus unit I want to get will be Alm… I think not

Your obscure favorite unit most likely will never receive an OG release within the next two years.

The pity system increases when not summoning 5* is irrelevant since the percentage is still so low and people even to this day manage to reach +5% in normal banners and +11% in special banners with ease.


I guess not then, my past experience with getting fucked over due to colorsharing just completely doesn’t mean shit, I should just uninstall my game

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Ok. Let me see if I can explain this a bit better than usher did. Let’s use your minimarth/baby caeda example.

Let’s say that at some point on that banner you were at 3.5% pity rate and got a summon circle with 4 red stones and one blue stone. You know know a fact that the one blue stone isn’t y!Caeda so you avoid. But any of those 4 red stones could be y!caeda so you pull all of them. On the 4th stone you get a 5* minimarth and your pity rate is reset to 3%.

Now let’s say that minimarth was blue instead of red. What usher has been saying is that y!caeda still would not have been in our hypothetical summon circle. What would have happened instead is that you would have gotten 3 red stones and 2 blue stones.

What you are noticing(and is requently ignored when discussing this topic) is that y!Marth actually did male it harder for you to get y!caeda. Not because he made the rng any different, but because he was resetting your pity rate every time you summoned him, and you had no way to avoid summoning him because he was on the red color.

In our example of 1× blue stone, 3× red stones, and a stone hiding Marth, if Marth was blue you would pull the 3 red stones, not get y!caeda, leave the circle while ignoring the 2 blue stones(thus avoiding marth), and carry your pity rate into a new circle. But since Marth is red, you can’t avoid him, and your pity rate is reset any time he appears. So to an extent he is in fact making it harder for you to summon caeda by colorsharing with her


This was still the realest take


Which is more or less what I was saying from the start. Worded differently, but still the same concept. When units colorshare, and you only want 1 of them (especially when it’s colorsharing with a 4* demote) it makes it harder to get the unit you wanted since that other unit makes the color show up giving you the illusion of that orb “could” be the unit you are trying to summon, but in reality it’s not


IS could have included 40 summon sparks from the beginning, but our dumbasses showed them they don’t have to appease us to make fuckloads of money.


That NFU isn’t necessarily B!Ike’s best B skill because getting auto doubled charges his Aether (with special cooldown), increases his sustain (due to better healing), and better damages enemies that could otherwise out-defence him. Plus, if you run dodge instead with Phantom speed and B!Lucina support, you’re gonna get damaged very little (34% and 12%?), and then get Aether off so… worth considering.

That’s all I have to contribute lol