What is a good Alfalfa build?


I am trying to set him up incase I have to use him at some point further down the road.


Two words.
Triple Brazen.


Of what?



Ew, Triangle Adept refine? What’s wrong with you?


Def refine?


I built him like this once because I had a spare surtr, he solo’d Abyssal Michalis with this build(with Eir in the corner for a little healing support)


That looks insane and a unique way of building him. I’m surprised that you didn’t go with the triple Brazen as it’s destruction. It probably serves you well!


He performed great, oh and I just hadn’t upgraded the brazen yet.


This is the Alfonse I like using, 65/25/46/40 not counting bonuses with guaranteed follow-ups in (a bit more than) brazen range. Also Atk smoke making his defences an effective 53/47, oh and 36 damage ignis for tearing through super tanks.