What is Eirforce?

Hi evryone ! I’ve been hearing often about a team comp with Eir and Velouria that’s called Eirforce recently but I don’t know what it is, could someone explain it to me a bit ? (Like how the team works and what are the builds for the units). I’m interested since I have two velourias (even though not optimal IV’s) and a +Spd +1 Eir but I’ve done some reseach and found nothing.


It’s where you have an Eir with Fury. (Usually with Disarm Trap too for freedom of movement. Basically anything but mystic boost tho)

You attack, dance her, attack again and she’s in WoM range.

Galeforcers swoop in, kill stuff, kill more stuff, and boom everyone’s dead.

Usually you want units that can hit 2CD Galeforce, because it means you can one shot freely, and run Eir with double savage blow and make use of bolt tower.


Imagine being able to ally support both Velourias together. 1-cd Galeforce for free lmao.

One savage blow and hardy bearing seal on Eir can be pretty useful too. Vantage units can be pretty annoying if you’re gonna use a lot of savage blow.


or just run eliwood and not care if they hit you


Eirforce is a Light season galeforce strategy that uses Eir as the key initiator. The rest of the team is generally composed of a low cooldown galeforcer (referred to as a one-tap galeforcer due to their ability to proc GF after only one combat), two dancers, and a bonus unit. Some variations only use one dancer but this is largely due either to player preference or access to resources. As other posters have already mentioned, the classic Eir build for this strategy is something like this:


The splash damage from Lyfjaberg and Fury will put her in WoM range after two combats, after which she acts as the WoM beacon for your other units to come in and clean house. Although Disarm Trap and Hardy Bearing technically aren’t absolutely necessary, they serve as a great way to increase mobility and trivialize things that might otherwise be a pain to deal with. Velouria is actually a good candidate for Eirforce due to her unique cooldown ability which allows for much easier one-tap setups. Other good candidates for Eirforce are dancers that can also galeforce. The versatility of these kinds of dancers shouldn’t be overlooked. Silvia and Reyson are great budget options while OG Azura is a good premium choice. Finally, if this is something you’re keen on investing in, one of the most efficient investments for this strategy (IMO) is actually the Askr trio + Fjorm. You can give them WoM and IP for budget bonus unit support and even turn them into galeforcers themselves if you want even more versatility! Anyway, sorry for the huge wall of text. Hope this helps!


A unit that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Navarre. He’s among the best of the best on an Eirforce team. His refine takes 3 charges off Galeforce on turn 1 (-1 Slaying, -2 for Quickened Pulse 2), and in particular if using an Askr, can put IP on the Askr and then his Galeforce triggers on 1 attack.

But yes, ideally it’s Eir + Peony + (GF unit 1) + (GF unit 2) + Askr/bonus - which should also have Galeforce if possible. So prime candidates include Navarre, Velouria, Eliwood (OG) and anyone else that can Galeforce easily within 2 attacks (like Bold Fighter / Heavy Blade / Flashing Blade). Note this gets trickier with a bolt tower as you may not be able to get 2 attacks in if the attack is too high / defending unit is too squishy.

But yes, Peony needs WoM 3, along with both GF units & Askr. When Eir takes the damage, she hits exact WoM3 range - so if she takes a hit, makes it 1000 times easier and WoM1 and WoM2 works.

Askr/Bonus ideally have Smite if needed, and if you can utilize Melee dancers with GF that also helps. Reyson, Azura (OG), Olivia (OG) are some great candidates here. They’d probably work better with Velouria as she can reduce their Galeforce charges to make it a little easier.


Wow that’s pretty cool. Is it a new strat? I’ve never seen anyone use it against me before in top AR. But maybe they just can’t cuz I’ll kill Eir with my FIke/Sothis frontliners or they fear my lull Gordin… or LChrom… idk lol


It’s been around at least 8 months or so. Definitely not common as it’s a high investment team comp. I’ve had some success with it in previous seasons, and haven’t reached full investment yet. I’m much closer now that I’ve gotten like 4 copies of IP from the current banner (3 are already sacked). Alfonse, Sharena got IP (Anna had it from a Helbindi with G Duel 3). The other went to my defense team (Brunnya). The remaining one needs to be HM farmed unless some more copies come in. Every orb earned is going towards IP copies. I need the stock. Fjorm still needs IP, would be great if Velouria gets it too.


Over orbs, I know it’s a bit of grails and feathers, but 5* Marissa has it. That’s where I get mine right now.


Already nearly capped her. Another copy is like 450 grails for me. Not really worth the grails anymore.
Sacked 3 OG copies from 2017 (2 from OG TT, 1 from TT Rerun)

  • 100 + 150 + 200 + 250 + 300 + 350 + 400 = 1750 grails + 160,000 feathers (1 was sacked at 4* as the recipient was green and also getting G Duel 3 (and IP3).

Units with it: Nowi, Masked Marth, Soren, L! Alm, Sothis, Olivia, NY Alfonse, Brunnya, Ninian, Silvia, Seliph, Anna, Alfonse, Sharena
Notes: Only have summoned a single Dorcas, 4 Geese (1 still alive), and 2 Helbindis. Though I believe Anna only got G Duel as the 4 skill inheritance wasn’t around yet.


Wow okay. I haven’t used that many yet haha. Do the Askre’s score that much higher with the dual skills? I seem to recall it was very marginal. I do have an extra G and R dual, no blue.


~ 6 points:

It was an investment made when G Duel 3 initially launched. Had listened to Akariss and Anna was one recommended at the time since she’s a rotating bonus unit. Didn’t really fully understand the impact when it launched. It was before the rotation changed too where legendaries and a GHB are routinely part of it now and cycle through.


Yeah I wouldn’t pull it out against your defense lol.

I have never seen it either, probably because my defense isn’t too weak to it, but idk.

It is, like other galeforce strats, very weak in general

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While I don’t have expierence with using it myself, Galeforce strats can be very strong in AR. :thinking:
Being able to take out most of their key threats on player phase means you don’t need to tank strong nukers & it also makes it easier to get pots.
The downsides are that Galeforce is very expensive & requires certain units to work, as well as taking a lot of time and strategy to pull off. But if done right I’ve heard it’s very satisfying :feh_birbpeek:


Putting a bait unit that looks easy for Eir to snipe is called Eir Conditioning

Attacking with 5 Eirs is called an Eirosol

PP stalling with Eir is called Eir Pressure


Or an Eir assault. Oh and it would be 5, but I get you. Bad scoring but the memes are real.