What is in your opinion the most annoying NP?

Personally, i hate Raikou’s NP.

Don’t get me wrong, the animation is perfect.

I can’t stand it because i play with emulator of PC, full screen.

And let me tell you, Raikou’s NP animation contains so many bright and strong flashes that at best it makes you blind, at worst it makes your eyes bleed… :sweat_smile:


Anjra would be the most annoying NP to me, this is mostly because I have a fear for ghosts/monsters-like things so seeing him transformed into the weird dog thing make me feels frightened and scared sometimes.


Sorry to tell you this but, Okitan’s NP has flashes and lots of white :fgo_gudako: I still love it

Annoying NP? None so far, but I’m not fond of Rider Marie’s despite liking her a lot. I really want her to get the animations update, they are gorgeous :fgo_kiyo:


For now. Santa Sheep Altria. That Baa Baaa she does is excruciating to my senses.


How it feels to chew 5 gum

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Raikou’s NP is one of the only things I really like about her.

Caster Helena’s NP is one of my pet peeves because it’s so damned basic. Like Galaga was their inspiration.


This mostly just boils down to outdated animation but man do I get sad when I see Lalter’s NP animation. Just she gathers a huge storm around her lance and then does an awkward thrust and that’s it.

It’s such a let down compared to Latoria’s NP animation.


Reminds me of that hilarious little push Paracelsus does before firing his NP.


I know she isn’t out on NA yet, but Brad…

That voice and that panty shot…


Which is a damn shame, cause lore-wise I love her character.


Nothing really annoys me about any NPs. Some look bad from old animations, but no sounds or anything really make me look away from them or feel bleh watching it.

However, NP looping with servants has made some of their NP’s be not as enjoyable as they once were.

Dantes NP was always fun to watch but after long amounts of Skadi loops seeped my veins, I just don’t really care for it anymore. Same with Lancelot.


Hmm I see a lot of peeps on GP are getting tired of “AAARRRTTHUUR” and Fuhahaha.

Surprising, cause I though they were well beloved characters.


not most annoying, but casliz desperately needs an np animation update

I mean her whole event story is about her putting on a big halloween concert, yet the entire thing is paltry nothing when you compare to her base lancer form’s upgraded np animation


protip to these people: dss less, or at least with more dps variety

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I still enjoy those animations, though I typically won’t have my sound on or pay attention by this point when doing basic stuff.

I was using Dantes to blitz the feather node in Salem today and “hearing” his NP anyway…just looking at the screen causes my mental audio track to kick in.


All MHX, MHX, MHXA NP they really need some rework or animation update. Also Ushiwankamaru Summer NP.

Seeing their NP a lot doesn’t deteriorate from their character, as I still like Dantes a lot. But when you see something so many times, it loses its luster.

The damage however will never get old. :feh_bigbeauty:


I feel like a lot of people are this way now.

I saw that one guy on a discord server who said he can’t farm with other units anymore cause it feels unnatural.


the most paste and drag np I’ve seen

at least she’s a solidly nice aoe assassin (especially with me getting her to np5 from pulling for jarcher), but still… way to unsell based on an np animation, dw


In my case, I’m filling my front and backline with every bond bonus I have, and without using any Servants who were already bond 10, so Dantes was my only option in terms of party cost while using Arctic and doing 3T.

For other stuff I’ll get more creative, but bond efficiency for free SQ and apples while I go for mats. And Amakusa is close to bond 10, so he leeches BP in the back.


Like, DW thought we would not notice anything.