What is medicham’s useful cp

So I’m fairly new to pvp and I was wondering, at what cp does medicham become useful. My medicham is level 35 with 1264 cp. For my current counter user, I’m using a 1477 vigaroth. I’m thinking probably not but should I use medicham instead? The rest of my team is whiscash with mudbomb and blizzard + lanturn with thunderbolt and hydro pump.

Move this, it belongs in PoGO.

To answer the question, a 100IV Medicham maxes out below CP1500, so to get it to full potential you need to take it to L40. Also, for a Counter user, Vigoroth is more based on dealing damage with fast and decently powerful charge moves while Medicham focuses on boosting Counter’s already high damage with a terribly weak but spammy charge move. Both also have an entirely different set of weaknesses and resistances; the choice is yours.

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lvl 35 with 1264 sounds like a low IVs… Its a really expensive mon so think about it good

On the other hand i guess you doing an antisteel setup for trashing the trashcan and their kind for good, main issue is that any plant will hard wall to oblivion Lanturn and wall whiscash. In particular, the form of venusaur also win fighting mons with ease. Inside of this, medicham access to ice opens a door to at least not be an autolose.

If you use an android phone i recommend using CalcyIV to find out your pokemon’s PVP product