What is one unit from each color that you wish you had?

I’ll start.

Red: Ascended Mareeta

Blue: Hatari Karla

Green: Spring Sonya

Colorless: Ascended Celica


Red: Volke (i want to merge him but i got cero copies of him on his banner)

Blue: Ascended Idunn (for the floret)

Green: VLucina for fodder 🥲

Colorless: Ascended Celica (for the floret)


Red: I’m set with this color, but if I had to pick, then probably P!Naesala

Blue: an Ike of any kind god please IS :feh_ikecry: drunk Ninian

Green: Ranulf, guy still hasn’t shown up and I’d want him for my collection

Colorless: L!Alm


Red: Hatari Nailah
Blue: Legendary Ephraim
Green: Bridal Nailah
Colorless: Summer Micaiah


Red: Azelle

Blue: Duo Thorr

Green: Duo Dagr

Colorless: St.Elimine


Red: Valentine Chrom
Blue: Young Tana
Green: New Year Dagr
Colorless: Legendary Claude


Red: Legendary Sigurd

Blue: Hatari Karla

Green: Bagelgard

Colorless: idk, maybe Ascended Florina for fodder or really anyone that’d give me a Floret


Green: Duo Peony and P!Veronica
Having a dancer in arena is amazing, with the new tier 4 B skill she can score even higher now. I want P!Veronica because I don’t have a harmonic from Heroes yet, also it’s a pretty cool looking unit. Much better looking than H!Caeda IMO.

Red: Young Ike
His duo skills is one of the best. Y!Ike is one of the most powerful infantry units and an amazing unit in summoner duels. Also I like Ike :feh_ikestare:

Blue: Death Knight
Back when I was a new player I foddered a merged copy of him, not really knowing the value of grail units. One of my biggest regrets, especially now that I really start to appreciate the character behind the mask. I believe merging Death Knight to +10 now would cost me 4100 grails, but I’m still saving grails for that purpose in case he gets a cool refine.

Colorless: Velouria or D!Nina
Velouria has unique support capabilities and her refine is really strong. I would like D!Nina for hit and run madness and if I really wanted I could fodder her B skill for scoring purposes.


Here’s my Arthur wish list (the newest seasonals will not be listed here):

  • Red: Duo!Sigurd (Joint Hone Res)
  • Blue: Tsubasa (Blade Session 3)
  • Green: Spring Chrom/Summer Xander (Carrot Axe+/Lilith Floatie+)
  • Medeus (Canto Control 3)

I won’t include merge projects since I’ve got at least one on each colour lol
Red: Pirate Naesela (this one was the hardest to think of one for)
Blue: OG Azura. Yeah.
Green: Summer Adult Tiki (even after all these years…)
Colourless: Elimine

Also, going through these units I realise I never did Veld, Orson, Riev or Limistella’s GHB. Oops!


Since I don’t think there are any units specifically I want to use that I haven’t gotten a single copy of I’ll go with

Red: Def/Res Smoke 4
Blue: B Tome Valor
Green: spd/Res Hold
Colorless: Floret

Would also gladly accept Bridal Laegjarn as a dagger of any color


Red: Ascended Mareeta / Nyx
Blue: Halloween Sothis / Fallen Dimitri
Green: Pirate Hinoka / Legendary Edelgard
Colorless: Fallen Rhea / Ninja Igrene / Summer Freyja


For red: I wish I had F!Lilith

For blue: I wish I had Ninja Corrin

For green: I wish I had Halloween Kagero

And for Colorless: I wish had Pirate Tibarn


For collection porpouses:

  • Red: SJulia
  • Blue: HSothis
  • Green: SLarcei
  • Colorless: HGrimaM

For utility:

  • Red: FLilith
  • Blue: FNinian
  • Green: SDimitri
  • Colorless: FRhea

Red: H!Dorothea, I will never forget the feeling of wasting + 300 orbs and 0 copies.

Blue: Duo Thorr, I barely play last month and I prioritized Askr.

Green: Jill, my most wanted non seasonal unit. I am hoping she is chosen for next fe 9 HoF.

Colorless: H! Male Grima, he is funny.


Plenty units I want more of but in terms of ones I’ve never had

Red: A!Mareeta
Blue: Summer Boob Goddesses
Green: Freyja
Colourless: Flayn

Colorless: Mila

Red: OG Leif

Blue: Hatari Karla

Green: Mamori