What is Summer Lyn's extreme counters?

Summer Lyn is too powerful! I need help please

DC Myrrh can take care of her. Or Green tome users with TA. Or even Archers.


A bulky green unit that isn’t an armor (or one who has Svallin Shield) can tank her comfortably.
Legendary Lyn, Wolt, and Sue are her hardest counters; other archers also destroy her handily.

Sue or even LLyn are perfect

Wolt ofc ;)

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LB +QR Fae is a cheap and easy counter.

Female Robin with Triangle Adept

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Fae (and others) can tank but the QR won’t let them double against Lyn’s Sturdy Impact unless they have a ridiculous amount of Speed support.

Not unless you have Double QR.

There’s only one QR seal so that’s not exactly the most reliable method…

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Oh yeah forgot about that XD. Maybe Leon then? He’s a cheap archer with good def, and guard would also help stop her from getting off any specials.

Yeah I know, I was just making a joke.

Fae Doubling base kit Summer Lyn is definitely impossible even with full support on spd, since Lyn is just so fast.

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M!Grima, any bow unit, any strong brave weapon user…
Really any high attack green unit will get the job done. On player phase she only has 67/64 physical and magical bulk, respectively. Weapon triangle advantage will net you the kill relatively easily if you’re using a high attack green unit.

Here’s a relatively cheap build for Leon that might work well. (He’s +def/-res btw forgot to turn on IVs in unit builder)

His good def means he can take a couple of hits from her, glimmer would be on one cooldown thanks to his slaying bow so he would proc it immediately. Keep in mind that even with sturdy impact she only has 30 def and is still weak to arrows. So glimmer should probably do the trick.


DD4+DD3 seal Faye kills any ranged unit.

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As someone who avidly uses Summer Lyn, I can say that any green unit who can hit at range and tank the first hit of her devastating attacks can beat her. M!Grima, Hector, and the like can beat her. Just don’t let her get in Desperation/Brazen range assuming the player gave her that (which they should).

Otherwise, green tomes or hard-hitting archers are your best bet.

Yes, but she isn’t the most common unit. Also remember that sturdy impact cancels out the QR in Faye’s weapon, meaning she needs to one shot Lyn. Faye doesn’t have the best attack around so I’m a little unsure if she could do that.

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She doesn’t need to, just run guard and kill her on player phase. Or run QR on her B or SS slot if you really want that double.

Legendary Lyn