What is that you like most of summer events?

Honestly, while I enjoy all kind of events (especially gudaguda and anything Eli-related), I admit that Summer events hold a special place in my hearth.

The reasons are many: I like the usually carefree feeling of the events, I like the battle music, I like the event dialogs and I like the fact that summer event means that my 2 weeks vacation from work is approaching fast.

I like especially the last point. Vacation from work is always a huge morale boost.

And I also like the fact that Summer Event means that I can have fun using Summer Kiyohime and Tamalancer in battle stages that usually fits with the dress they are wearing. Because let me tell you that it’s weird having a servant in bikini fighting in cold and snowy stages like LB1. Just for an example.

What about you? Do you like Summer Events and for what reasons?


Summer events means interesting story and a new theme to go along with it, but most of all, the summer-ified Servants of course! What tasty designs, classes, and skills will be assigned to which Servant this year? Who is going to get new wardrobes? Is this finally the year male Servants will also get summer variants? coughpleaseLasenglecough The excitement of finding out makes the heart race don’t you think? ( ◕ ∇◕)


Well, I admit that It’s years I’m wishing for a Summer 4* or 5* Sasaki Kojiro.

Summer Tsubame Gaeshi when?


Prayer circle. Do the right thing Lasengle. You can do it.

Summer Tsubame Gaeshi… Suika Gaeshi. Summer Kojiro’d be the champion of watermelon splitting.


When I get my summer SSRs and SRs that I want. That’s what I like most. :fgo_insane:


Completely agree with you on this :grinning:

When we manage to roll our desired swimsuit servants we absolutely feel elated as if we have gotten the jackpot.

Or at least that’s what I feel.

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Yes, until next summer. :fgo_gilwink:

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Exactly. Because somehow every summer event manage to dish out a desired swimsuit servant.

And I absolutely won’t complain about this.

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Same…except when I don’t get my servants. :fgo_brynsad:

Cheers, mate! :fgo_cheers:


When we don’t get our summer servants the sea of the summer event feels especially salty and the sun does not shine so bright…

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…and the sand in your eyes which makes you cry salty tears.

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Reminds me that I don’t have enough sqz to try getting Artoria Ruler, sadly

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She’s even getting her rank-up at this banner…

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I like the unusualy feel from it.
It’s pretty much a carefree vacation mod and I like different kind of interaction between everyone.
Also it’s my yearly scream to the void about walfare eresh and summer passionlip but that’s just me :fgo_gudako:


We all have our summer dreams…

For example, Atalanta normal or Alter Summer?

I mean, where is my cat in bikini?


The atmosphere in these events is very pleasant so i always end up enjoying that aspect at least, the story may be a hit or miss like with Summer 3 and 4 but at the end of the day they’re all fun to play.

I can barely contain my excitement for the next one on NA, i already know it will become my favorite one. Camping, horror stories, creepy locations… i just love that stuff in summer.

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Well, so far I enjoyed a lot the story of the summer event with Summer Scatatch. Like they say, old but gold… In my opinion


I just enjoy all the variants. Some are basically the same character in a swimsuit while others are very different. Some of the fanservice is a bit much for me though

I did get to one of the summer events while on holiday a few years ago, that was quite nice. Sat at a beach bar, drinking alcohol and playing FGO :fgo_drunkgil:


Agree, some servants are fa service… Like lancer Raikou, i guess. One thing is sure, I will never be able to enjoy a summer event like you did because I only play Fgo on Pc and I don’t own a laptop.

Bringing a tower case + monitor to the beach seems quite uncomfortable.

Also I’m more of a wine / cocktail person, I don’t like beer too much.


Yes i do like summer events

I really wonder why? 🤔