What is the appeal of Quan?

This is not meaned as a hate piece, but a genuine question.
Quan was voted best husbando in the Fe4/5 poll.

Which is wierd in my eyes…
Since while he’s a good looking dude and not a bad character, he always seemed rather plain to me.

You have beloved characters like the charming Lewyn or the deep Arvis. But Quan wins over them?

Is there some quality to him that I don’t see.
I beg you, Quan fan, educate me. Tell my why.
I would love to like this man more.

I have to catch a train, but I’ll just leave this here for now.

To me, Quan’s always been a perfect balance between the loyal Eldigan and the chilvarous Sigurd. Quan is a rational man who always manages to keep it together. He is not harsh despite being like this, but he’s not a doormat either.

I have to go rn lol, but I’ll finish the rest later lmao.

(To be continued)

Also I like Lewyn, but he’s also an asshole who has just as many flaws as pros.

LASTLY (for now), I really admire that Quan respected Ethlyn enough to let her fight against the Thracians. Sigurd was not like that for Deirdre, Quan respected Ethlyn’s wishes enough to let her fight alongside him in a dire situation.


I think that’s it. A lot of the Genealogy guys, for me at least, are rather plain, and Quan happens to have enough appeal in his design to stand above the rest, even it the gap isn’t particularly large.

Hmm… Yeah I can see that at least part of Quan’s quality is that he’s probably the most competent and balanced character of the three.
With Eldigan clinging to his knighthood to the grave, and Sigurd not caring about loyalties, but deed. But totally failing in politics because of that.

I really want Fe4 to have a remake, because these characters would heavily benifit of more dialogue and modern writing. If it’s the quality of Echoes, it could be something very special.

And I’m looking forward to your continuation of the topic.

If men had 1% of respect to women like he had to her wife Ethlyn, now we’ll drive flying cars.
And he has the Gay Bulge, how i can say no to it?