What is the best stage to exp?

I’m currently at lvl 43 and I want to reach 50 as soon as possible because Level pack booster. Which stage gives the most experience so far actually?

~I’m brazilian. My english is bad, forgive any mistake,

In my opinion, I think you should just go for whatever stage of Tactical Training, the ones that give you exp cards, you can do on auto deploy. There are tons of guides to show you good setups even with low rarity units, just make sure to invest in them

If you’re talking about player level though, I think exp rates are the same(?) in terms of sanity to exp ratio (the stages with multipliers which I don’t know exactly which stages have them or how long they stay active)

Hi, I made a guide on how to complete LS-5 which is the best way to get exp.

The description explains how to build a team for the stage, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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