What is the Best way to Counter this guy?

I am defending in AR
Next to him is a Flayn and Thorr and an Brave Edelgard with near save.


Tank it on Enemy phase with a green dragon or close counter mage.

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I use Galeforce Duo Catria. And sometimes I still fail.


AoE nuke. Sonya and Merric work wonders with Dark Excalibur due to the QPx2 and +10 damage with a Blazing spell.


LynJa since he’s not running special fighter she can fire off moonbow.

Shamir with FB/NFU/TP and any special for the same reason.

Yuri because he’s a bitch.

AoE anything since Hardy/Aegis won’t protect against those.

A!Leggy with either Luna or Deadeye since she can easily take a hit and gets half-NFU from buffs so the 2nd attack her special will go off.

Anyone with windsweep and pulse smoke to hit first so Aegis isn’t active when another unit attacks.

Rhajat with windsweep.

Kempf with windsweep.

Any dazzle staff.

Anyone with NFU and over 37 Spd.

Hecc without an instant bonfire is a weak little bitch who you can toy with at your leisure.

Hardi PAVISE Hecc is an entirely different story, but hardi aegis is easy to get around because you can only ever choose one deflect seal, and the one you’re not deflecting can still murderlize him.


The byleth mages.

L!M!Byleth w/ windsweep shreds him at +0

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What build on Yuri? I can’t make it work on the summon sim.
I guess max invested with lethality?


Summer Sylvain with savage blow

I have not tested it at all but would ascended joshua also do the trick? :thinking:

That actually wouldn’t work since most people would pre-charge lethality, but Aegis/Hardy would dump that down to nothing.

I figured LnD7 blazing special would do it but flayn really saves his ass on this so I guess Yuri can’t do it easily.


B!Eirika since she can probably kill the near savior too :feh_lucinasmug:


You want to kill an AR-O Hardy Fighter BHector with your AR-D team? If so, your best bet is to kill BEdelgard instead.


Oh, this is on defense? Well that complicates things because you won’t have direct control over your units. Still, B!Eirika isn’t a bad choice. But I think we’re going to need more info on your defense to make any good suggestions.


Duo!Corrin :smiley:

Easy kill for her^^

Normally yes, but the deflect seal ruins her

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You counter him by always having bonus defense mythics on your AR-D teams and by having high merges on your AR-O mythics.

B!Hector, even at low merges, is still the most oppresive unit in the hands of a good player.
AoE cannot be 100% relied upon since most players know the patterns and they’ll keep their save tanks away from AoE damage. 1 HP Flayn will be there with a big smile.

Green NFU-sweeps are his best counters (L!M!Byleth, Y!Merric, Lewyn, etc) but sometimes might need 2 combats before KOing him, so you might also need either a good placed dancer (since WoM won’t be triggering) or B!Catria support.

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oh, damn xD

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With the proper deflect seal he’s almost impossible to get over. Hardy Aegis you can get lucky with the right type of weapon, Hardy Pavise basically requires B!Eirika.

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Jk. Deflect magic blowz. I use an impact flyhardt for deflect seal boys. It takes an initation up to max 2 but its fine.

But any rein with lucina will fuck em. I… Prob. Havent tried it yet.

Aoe mage can pob do it for ya. Nino prob. Windsweep.

Gimmie ur digits and ill muder him for u.