What is the best way to get hero feathers

I was wondering because then I could finish some of my 5 stars to +10

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farm HM
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Sorry I’m still pretty new to this


TT+ and Forging bonds are best friend


Best is to look up Serg! on Youtube and follow his guides. He shows how to farm HM with relatively free units to auto-battle your way through rival domains.


Forging bonds + Autobattle. Forging bonds is quick but requires 10 stamina every time.

TT is also great but doesn’t help units who don’t have much investment, especially because the Autobattle AI is dumb as hell, so you’ll probably have to dip in to a second and sometimes third team (since you need to battle units lvl35+.)


send home all your 5*s
Just do the quests and you can get a lot


Golden advice, listen to this :fgo_romadearu:


That does look good…

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Just playing the game in general allows you to stock up quite a lot of hero feathers. Most modes give at least some feathers.
Getting into a higher Tier in Arena modes and commiting more to events like Tempest Trials and Forging Bonds can also help if you haven’t tried to max those out yet. :feh_birbpeek:

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HM farming is the most consistent way since TT+, FB, and other events run out eventually.

I would greatly Appreciate resource trading, pls IS…

What else am I supposed to do with these worthless things???


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Thanks these really helped I got 10,000 feathers in less than an hour

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If only getting orbs was this easy tho


It is if you have money

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Everything is easier with money :feh_surtr:

Yeah I’m not allowed to do that. But if nintendo made a way to get orbs for nintendo points that would be nice

The best way to farm HM manually is Rival domain, as it doesn’t cost energy, and up to 8 units earn HM. :feh_annawink:

Since it’s always the same map, with the same units, with the right strategy you can end the battle within 2 turn using Auto-Battle, and spam it over & over.
It’s boring to do, but quite effective.

Here’s a guy on Twitter that explains how to abuse it :

I wish i knew a logicial to automate this…
Doing it manually is boriiing

(I did while watching demon slayer last night, for ~20 episodes i earned roughly ~ 3000 HM for 8 character -> 24 000 feathers)