What is the best way to gey F2P Quartz after you finish all the released story portions?

Trying to get a feel where I should look once I get to that point?

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Wait and hope.


Are you serious or trolling right now?

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He isn’t wrong


Farm bond, login every day and grind mana prisms to buy tickets every month.

If there is an event, play it.


you play the game.

Also no need to create multiple threads of basic questions. Here is the one stop shop for general questions/help


To be honest, I kinda agree with what’s is said, previously.

Bond levels, ascend servants you don’t use for their interludes/RUQs, logins, events, clear all FQs…

Yeah, hard to seriously scrounge sq otherwise

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bond levels and daily rrewards are the most consistent (and only way) outside of events to get quartz if you did everything in the story.

You have to stop pulling for bait. Try that.

Attendre, Esperer
@C-luck_dragon I just finished that yesterday. Even spent a SQ cuz I screwed up royally.

All the stuff others said plus do the weekly quests.

Nearly 1 year left for next anni and counting down… :fgo_meltangry:

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Interludes, Rank-ups, Bond Points, and yes Events

I don’t think anybody has brought this up yet but you get 21 SQ Fragments a week which if you click the Frag. Exch. button and trade 7 of them you get a SQ. So complete the quests and get 3 SQ or one summ a week (or 2 if you’ve reached the bonus).

Combined with Events, Dailies, Weeklies, etc. add up to an average of 120+ SQ monthly, plus tickets.