What is the most annoying Ascension/skill mats IYO?

For me it’s proof of hero

Recently I decided to lvl Alex to his final ascension the thing is I don’t have enough proofs to ascend him.
And whenever I want to lvl Gil skills I dont have enough, whenever i want to lvl Herc last skill (he’s 10/10/7) not enough proofs.

Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t require them in stupid quantities?
These things seem to hate me as they rarely drop when I farm them.

So then which mats do you hate or annoys you the most?


Bones for me.


Eresh demands so many of them…


where were you during Gilfest when proofs were in the lottery?

Bones, gears, crystals, pages, fangs, hearts… Yeah never enough to go around


True. She is worth every one of them, though. :fgo_ereshlove:

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I’d say currently bones and stakes. Some servants need 200+ of them. Dust was an issue too, but less so now thanks to Gilfest.


Pages… I need so many for so many different servants and their drop rate seems really bad compared to just about anything else I needed. I think I technically have more hearts than pages. Like… c’mon bruh.


stakes lotto when

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I’m not that much into crazy farming.
I did 20 25 boxes I think?

But it was enough to get some skills at lvl 10.
But believe me Herc alone demands almost 70 of these things per skill…

In the past it was chains, but then the lottery (last year, I think?) Happened. I’m sitting at 400~ chains atm.
Then it was bones, and I’m still not over how many bones some of my servants ask of me. I have around 150~, but that’s barely enough for one of them even, and I like reserving a few for future uses.

Void dust was annoying too, but luckily Gilfest took care of that.

After leveling up Amakusa’s skills, I find myself with only 6 hearts, and he’s still not maxed… So I guess hearts too.

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ps, thank ■■■■ next month has stakes as one of its exchange ticket items (alongside crystals and stingers)


Oh, naisu, 30 more stakes!

I don’t really lvl everyone’s skills but the two times i decided to max skill someone it was Eresh and Nastya so. Stakes and gunpowders for sure. Went through hell to get 216 of each :fgo_ereshdistress:

Holy shit man.
I also have Anastasia. I’ve been saving gunpowder but I didn’t think it was that brutal.

Gears and Proofs. I don’t max every servant, but it really seems like the ones I want to max need Gears and Proofs.

I also got “lucky” rolling for Summer servants. Since this is my first year, you know what that means: Shell Shortage


Yeah… That’s the thing. Endure a week of crazy farming (as sanity allows) and you can level more than a couple of skills despite absurd prices. Bearable because it is just a week.

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Same here. And it sucks when you have everything else…

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Still I like to do things at my own pace.

Trust me it’s brutal. Doesn’t help that all her skills are good enough to max (imo) even without favouritism :fgo_casgilworry: Good luck :fgo_casgilworry:

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They are.
I chose freezing charisma as her first skill to lvl since 20% of party attack up and 20% attack reduction to the enemy party seems excellent for me.

And since she can spam np pretty easily without maxing her 3rd skill I thought it was a good idea.