What is your biggest mistake or regret in Pokemon Masters?

DeNA has had difficulty keeping people playing Pokemon Masters - new content is cleared very quickly and beyond the top prizes from events (Candy, tickets, etc) most players quickly reach the point where lesser prizes (like the various Aids or skill capsules) become meaningless.

Compound this with many of the longer grinds, like EX stages for gear, already having been fully completed by many players and we have a genuine need for actual playable content with a reason to replay it.

So here’s egg pokemon: With a variety of moves, rarities and pokemon available there’s a huge amount of content to farm up…

But why even bother?

Every single egg pokemon lands with a resounding “Meh”. None of them compete with most top tier pokemon, to my knowledge, and yet all take considerably more work to be made useful.

DeNA should be incentivising the grind, not leaving there as a pointless addition for new players or completionists alone. appvalley tutuapp

They’ve also been less generous with free gems recently. My entire gem reserve is gone from trying to get SS Grimsley (and of course I don’t get him after so many pulls, classic RNG for me).