What is your go to team for any quest?

Does the team change for challenge quests? Farming? If you could only use one team for the game, would it be just that?

I don’t think you can have a single team for anything that isn’t a stall team, and even then there are often times or battle-specific traits that prevent them from being optimal.

Firstly, I try and build teams around who I can raise in bond points, either through using them or having them in my backline. Merlin almost always takes up a slot, so it’s generally going to be two other class-advantaged units (if 1-2 enemy classes) or a class-advantaged unit (to the boss) and a Berserker. This generally always works outside of certain boss fights or challenge quests.

Ideally, though, I love the Arts playstyle and would pretty much like to just have a constant roster of that. Tamamo, Caster Gilgamesh, Munenori, the whole lot are just excellent and good fun to play with.


Waver and 2 NP5 Raikou one with MLB Kscope

I now have to many servant to have only a specific team, if it was favourite playstile now I am experimenting with what we can call power buff solo (you super buff someone, then thrown him in the back line and let your team die, so you can do a solo full buffed. Kind of funny, just did in my secondary account. Penth slaughtered the last boss in shimousa.

Once upon a Time my go to team was
Mash Cu Alter Waver (support)
An excellent team I must say. It warmed trought camelot and Babylonia, when I had no servant. Buff stacking def and an immortal DPS.
All that missed in that team was 2030 (I did not have it back then) and some heal.
But even now I think is a pretty good team.
I could do it with talk on the hot sand or mlb enforcer on cu and double 2030. Nah, better go for some Prisma cosmos or something instead.

Now I just play buff stacking and suicide unite.

My team usually revolves around: Class Advantage, Servants I feel like using and Chaldea Lunchtime.
Usually I like playing with low rarity servants or servants I haven’t used much on normal quests, on events I’ll always go full bonus and currently with Salem I’m only-Caster so far spamming Illya - Sanzang - Merlin.

I always pick some Merlin or Waver with the Lunchtime and whether they’re in the frontline or not, depends if the quest is a Challenge quest.

If it’s a Challenge Quest, I’d bring out my most powerful servants when it comes to an usable niche or trait that seems viable (Anti-demonic, Anti-male, etc.), and then Waver, Merlin or Both if I feel like I need them. I usually want to avoid bursting through Buster Damage because it’s boring after a while.

On some quests like the final quest for Dantés or Nerofest event I’ll even go further to exploiting specific niches, gimmicks and revolving around a main DPS, a secondary DPS and then even a 3rd rotating one to get through waves and not resorting to AOE Berserker with Merlin unless it’s my foulless Darius III.

When it comes to farm It’s usually Arash, Waver and 2 other AOE servants (Mostly Berserker) that can pull their weight for 3 turn with their skills and CE’s availables and I’ve been trying to not use Combat MC or my own Waver since Max Bond.

Arash frontline unless there’s an unusually beefy W1 (rare).

Spartacus frontline for W2.

Class adv for W3 boss and/or mid-boss.

Support Waver/Merlin with Personal Lesson.

More-or-less. Covers a majority of Free and Story Quests thus far.

Cu!Alter and Jalter with a support. Glass cannon classes usually aren’t my deal, but these two got my first Grails and so they ended up becoming a one size fits all against most class combinations.

Double Merlin and plug in any buster servant that applies? I mean that’s prob the easiest brain dead team to use

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2 phrases to live by: “When in doubt, 'Zerk it out” and “Red makes dead”.


It depends on the question “Do the enemies have under 40k hp and can I 3 turn them?”.
If yes, the 3 turn farming team goes in:

If not, then the new buster team goes in:

(Penny is currently in it until reaching bond 5, but Gorgon normally has that spot).
During farming events, I usually use the busters team as a base, modified with bonus servants or CEs.

Raikou waver merlin

Not everyone is blessed with a NP5 Mama like you are. :pensive:

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But many are blessed with the ability to borrow her xD

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If it’s anything farming based I alternate with my 4 aoe knights (Altera, Ishtar, Gilgamesh, Karna) which ever one suits the stage with my Merlin and a support.
If it’s a boss Battle or CQ I use Merlin, Tamamo and Lancelot/Archuria with a back up DPS from the support, Mash and Quetz in the back line.

So what you’re saying is I should roll for Waver so I can achieve the true ascendance you have? Got it. :fgo_illya:

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Not everyone is blessed with zerkers in general :cry:

Believe me
Get yourself a waver
And you shall reach the nirvana xD
Worst case use mash(for extra damage swap summer raikou in with plugsuit)

Whenever i see a Cq,waver merlin raikou clear it as if it was nothing xD

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>reads post
>sees name
Checks out. ;-;

I wish you the best of luck in the future <3

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I never understood why people don’t hold Tamamo as highly as Merlin or Skadi, even Waver. Yeah sure her farming potential is meh but she allows you to NP loop, skill spam, consistent heals as well as NP stalling. What more could you want from a support.

I have pretty decent luck in general not gonna lie but Assassins and Zerkers are a class that keep alluding me 1 year into the game. I have only 1 gold zerker excluding welfares (just chacha lol)