What Kind of Vegeta Blue teams have you made?

Simply asking for people to post their Vegeta blue teams.

Thank you.

I actually have the team that the game press guide recommends. I’ve used it a couple times, seems alright. Can get some strong damage, but it’s a bit squishy. Vegeta blue is the only one with any sort of endurance, but it relies on his special attack to heal. That said, it’s a pretty strong heal.

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Tbh I tried different synergies with that new Vegeta Unit and All I can say is that it’s frustrating.
The character has a very good Kit, Blast Armor, Healing Special move ( with blast armor again) and a Decent/Good Unique Ability Imo (the art card switch WITH damage buff is pretty cool tbh)
The Transformed stats are very good aswell, he has very good strike damage (a bit less blast damage but with this kit it’s fairly ok)


He doesn’t fit anything in the perfect manner, it’s very frustrating to have one unit like that which could be devastating with a good teamcomp, but nope, we’re stuck to use it with “A bit but no that much” competitive teams.

We desparately need more Vegeta Family Boosting Z Abilities, rn what I tried with Him was :

  • the Vegeta family team on the site : fairly Okey but you don’t have much tools to really take the advantage in the match , It pretty much looked like SP-SSGSS Vegeta (Pur) Had to do a lot by himself in therms of control and defense (Take advantage of the enemy’s blast attack with his Green Card, Lock Character switch by switching in etc) but it was kinda fun and fresh to play, so I’d say if you’re naturally skilled in the game and master the gameplay, you can play it and still win against competitive teams, it’s just gonna be harder with that team than with Heavy Meta teams Like GodKi or Fusions

  • Super Sayan (Core : Vegeta BLU, SS Bardock BLU, SS Vegito PUR), With Him and Bardock Being Blue fighter it plays kinda like a color counter team, and was pretty OK, Bardock Buffs are still insane to this day and the Vegeta Variant can transform into a Super Sayan Beast after only 5 secs, which is good, and OFC it goes without saying that Super Vegito PUR is absolutely insane.
    So despite the fact that VEGETA BLU doesn’t synergize that well with the team right off the bat the kit of the three fighters make it very reliable, and more Durable than the Vegeta Family

  • BLU color counter : Same core than super sayan but replace Super Bardock BLU with Gogeta BLU.
    It’s pretty much the same as the super sayan team but you have less tool to work with and the Buffs Of Bardock are gone BUT the three characters are all insane by themself and transforming Both VEGETA and GOGETA make it an insanely Offensive team dealing obnoxious damage. So if you pair It with some Good Z abilities for BLUE fighters, It can Be very surprising to see How much the team has to offer (since VEGITO PUR is very good at being the color Counter)

So with what you’ve read you can see the unit can do things ( I mean it’s on the top 5 of Tier 1 on the GamePress TierList and deserve it Imo) but Imagine how powerful it could be with New Trunks Or veegeta Variant Offering Z ability for that specific tag and not suffering from powercreep at all ( please give us a good Trunks pls pls pls)

NB : this answer is based on my opinion and experience with the characters and teams, it’s my truth, you’re not obligated to accept nor like it, I’m always opened to discussions as long as it’s polite and respectful, thanks.

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Oh are fighters ranked within their tiers as well?

Also you mentioned some good teams, but personally I don’t think I’d use Vegeta at all based on the teams available to him (especially since I have the fusion team instead) but I’m definitely excited to see a future top tier Vegeta Family team

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Yes, I do think the order within a particular tier is important, let’s just take the first Tier 1 which is Vegito Red and the last which is Super Buu PUR, it’s kinda obvious (In my opinion, of course) that Vegito RED within the current meta is better than BUU PUR, since Fusion warrior is a trendy tag rn while Regeneration tag is kinda falling appart ,(even with the addition of UGA Buu GRN) so it’s logical that vegito occupies the top of tier 1 while Buu is at the bottom.

I’ve always took the order in count and the fact that some characters switch spot within their own tier at every update (like the same BUU PUR I’ve talked about dropped from mid-top tier 1 to bottom tier 1 the last few updates)kinda make me think that I am right… but I could be wrong, so take this info for what it is, a… guess ?

And Btw i’m using fusion warrior aswell, this team is Bae.

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Haha nah definitely sounds like your right on the order thing. I’m just not very observant haha.
And yeah I feel I run a regen team with Gohan Absorbed Buu, Cell Yellow, and Zamasu as my core just cuz they are fun to use for me, even though my fusion team is obviously better

I agree on every team you said for Vegeta blue, I just think Gogeta surpasses him on pvp viability and compatibility. The fusion team is so absurdly powerfull with such a high defence. I’m really P-ed off that I did not pull SSJ Gogeta and SSJ Vegito. I was hoping for it but hey… I got a full God-Ki instead. I just dont think that god ki is as powerfull as fusion is right now. Fusion is much better playable with the blast armor and LF AND the now switch ability. God-Ki is just not that good. I’m still playing my Son-Family team instead because i think it has more durability.

That being said. I can see the potential of the Vegeta team: Vegeta as the brother from another mother to Goku and Trunks being the awsome hybrid that he is. I compare Trunks more to Gohan then to Goten because of the time traveler version early on in the series.
I think there should be a new yellow SP Trunks for the team and a new green EX vegeta for support.
Maybe a SP Trunks: Rage (yellow) and a EX: Vegeta: Rage (green). That’s what they are both known for as the are strongest in their rage forms.

And can we all agree we need SSJ3 Vegeta in this game? Probably will be purple to fill in for SSGSS Vegeta purple and EX Trunks purple?

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I’d rather see them finish adding all the actual characters first before fanon ones. But Vegeta family definitely needs more support. Cuz atm theres not a lot of family in the vegeta family team. It’s all Vegeta.

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Idk if Hoping to see Fanon cha’s added to the game is a good idea cos you might be deceived.

We already have Characters from all of the original series (DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS, the movies in general)

That already makes a lot of remaining characters to produce and implement into the game,
Like Imagine Having Hit or Jiren, AND KEFLA FFS (with a Fusion and Female Z ability so the girls come back to the Meta a bit lol)

Even though it’s Possible I Won’t place my bet on it, we talk about Bandai Namco here, it’s not some indies doing things only for the fans, they have to somehow respect their license I guess.

And that being said, where the fuck are SSJ4 Vegeta and Goku? A good SSJ4 Vegeta variant with SSJ4 and Vegeta Family Z-Ability could do a great Vegeta/SSJ4 team (with goku - As my Gohan boi said- like a brother From another mother and a good Future Trunks variant)

And Yes I have a lot of hope concerning the Multiple tags boosting Z ability since they tend to become more present into the game, it’s another way to add diversity to the Meta without having to make a ton of OP and Non-Powercreeped characters.

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SSJ4 would be awesome, add on SSJ4 Gogeta (or was it Vegito?) and get a SS4 team going too. I still really want the shenron dragons though that would make for an awesome non-saiyan team.

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You all think a SSJ2+ z-ability will come? Something like: “All Saiyans beyond Super Saiyan 20% something”
Or just a ability to a Super Saiyan that transforms to SSJ2 in battle (like Gohan or something) "Beyond Super Saiyan: All Saiyans that have gone beyond Super Saiyan gain +20% health restoration. "

I mean there anough to benifit … there’s:

  • SSJ2 Caulifla (purple)
  • Majin Vegeta (red)
  • SSJ2 Vegeta (purple)
  • SSJ2 Gohan (red)
  • SSJ2 Trunks (blue)
  • Otherworld Goku (yellow)

and ofc.:

  • SSJ3 Gotenks (yellow)
  • SSJ3 Goku (red)
  • SSJ3 Goku (purple)


  • SSG Goku (red)
  • SSG Vegeta (yellow)
  • SSGSS Goku (blue)
  • SSGSS Vegeta (purple)

Am I missing anyone?

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Would be awsome to have a Gohan or Vegeta that go to SSJ2 form when something happens.

  • Gohan: when a team member dies his ability unlocks to transform into SSJ2 Gohan
  • Vegeta: When a Trunks or Bulma fighter is hit his ability unlocks to turn into SSJ2 : Rage

And @Qwerty2424 and @LazzKwat, SSJ4 would be awsome with their incredible speed, maybe a 40% vanishing gauge ability for them?

@LazzKwat, oh my… Jiren, Hit, Top, Kefla… you talking dirty now hahaha!

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I like the idea from a players point of view to have a SSJ2+ ability, unfortunately I don’t see it happening because then it would be too easy to form some of the better teams. They don’t want to make it too easy for free to play players because then they wouldn’t rake in as much money haha.

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I dont see limping everything above super saiyan. Itd buff god ki even more and theyre clearly meant to be their own thing. Id like to see synergy for ssj2 and 3, but i think they shud be their own thing. If not god ki cud potentially also get busted