What legendary/rare pokemon should I 2nd move/charge up

I’m a mostly casual player and I finally built up 100+ rare candies to 2nd move a legendary mon, but now I’m incapable of making a decision because it took so long to get 100+ in the first place. Looking for some advice on which mon i should 2nd move. Background, I don’t regularly raid other than ones I can solo or if i can jump into a 5* where there are other people (I don’t have a usual raid group), and I hovered around anywhere from 1800-2000 in rank 8 the past two seasons (and for some reason I really suck at ultra league). I also have an elite TM for each of the fast and charge that I saved up. Right now I lean towards playing premier cup b/c i don’t have 2nd moves for any of my legendaries so maybe this will change that.

These are my Main options:
15-15-15 mewtwo - 3731 - with psycho cutter and psystrike
14-10-12 Giratina Orgin - 3295 - shadow claw and shadow ball
15-13-15 Giratina Altered - 2500 - shadow claw and dragon claw
Shiny 15-15-13 Lugia - 2476 - extrasensory and sky attack
15-14-15 Dialga - 2302 - dragon breath and iron head
11-15-15 Armored Mewtwo - 1784 - confusion and dynamic punch
14-14-14 Kyogre - 1750 - waterfall and surf
15-13-15 Shadow Entei - 1480 - fire fang and frustration (missed the rocket day where i could TM away so waiting for next one)
Shiny 14-12-11 Registeel - 1470 - lock on and focus blast

I have most of the legendaries if there is one in there that I didn’t list that I should power up/2nd move. I also have a couple of other rarer mon’s that I could use the candy to power up since their candy is so rare to come by, namely:
100% Lucario - 2336 - counter, aura sphere and shadow ball
14-13-15 Garchomp - 2469 - mud shot, sand tomb and outrage

So those are my main contenders, any opinions or inputs on where I should invest my candy is greatly appreciated!

2nd would be giratinA and dialga.

For pvp most things need their second move so it depends on your team, as for pve:
-Lucario as gym attacker benefit from a second move(aura sphere and shadow ball).
-As raid offensive the only ones you listed only Regular Mewtwo and Garchomp, but currently Garchomp doesn’t have a legacy move so you can use a regular TM.
-As for Mewtwo, it can do pretty well as an ice attacker(it can top in scenarios where the raid boss use moves that the ice types or Mamoswine are weak to), but currently there is no raid boss schedule to appear with that moveset(like Landorus formes, or sky forme Shaymin).

Mewtwo would benefit most from two charged moves because:

  • It has so many useful charged moves. Of course, it is the best Psychic attacker with Psystrike, but Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam can all be used to fill gaps in your raid teams, while Focus Blast is good for attacking gyms.
  • Psystrike and Shadow Ball are legacy moves (only available through limited release or Elite Charged TM).
  • Even by legendary standards, its stats are incredible. Only two Deoxys forms have higher attack and only Slaking/Regigigas have higher max CP.
  • It excels in both PvE (raids/gyms) and PvP (specifically, open Master League).

Did I forget to mention that it is the coolest legendary ever?

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Absolutely double-move Mew and Mewtwo first! Anything else can come secondary (though I would suggest Dialga since it fairs well as both Steel and Dragon attacker). Just going to throw this out there too: Genesect will be the 3rd best Steel-type and best Bug until Volcarona shows up (someday…)


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There is a remote raid discord group you can join, there should be a thread from the last two weeks with a link to it. There was the original one where the creator announced it and a second one where they reminded players that they can join.

If you plan on playing ML, you’ll need a double moved Dialga

If you only play casual/raids, Mewtwo is the best jack of all trades.
Might need an elite TM though.

I would not spend any RC in second moves yet or I would spend them into some pokemon usable in UL/GL. Giratinas, deoyx defense, articuno, A-Mewtwo etc. it will all depend in your team.

Mewtwo with double move alone will not make you competitive in ML so you will still have to play premier. In any case it is perfectly usable with psystrike alone.

With remote raids it should be easier to get RC and join lv4/5 raids. In the future you can then power up to 40 and double move 3 pokemon of yours to be competive in Masters but by then the meta may be different.

Having a perfect mewtwo I will aim to level it to 40, best buddy to 41, double charge move and then build a team around it.