What low-tier units do you use often?

Genny, Lyn, Caeda and especially Camilla (+10 and DC) are units that I’m using frequently.
I can just throw Camilla into everything (maybe not the red armors and glass cannons) and… well, everything just dies. And Caeda’s Wing Sword is a blessing for my playstyle.

whats your lon’qu build?

I have a basic Lon’qu build, but this is what I want to give him.

C slot is flexible, but this makes him pretty tanky in an unexpected way. He’s able to tank Black Luna’s from max merged BK/Zelgius.

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If I knew how to post pictures from my phone I’d show mine off, although I’m not sure what exactly is “optimal” for him

Im trying to build a good subaki, i think he is a bit underrated

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Subaki is actually pretty good. Atk superboon, great speed and great defense with mildly workable resistance.

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I see you too are a man of culture. Eirika can be a lot stronger than people expect when given the right setup. She shines on a tactics team.

Yeah. Now want to give him the armor and de A skill from Thea

seliph and robin are supported with each other and i was too lazy to change catria’s weapon back to firesweep. other than that they’re my main team and i use them to clear basically anything.

(sorry for the late reply) That is extremely deceptive and I love it
also those offensive stats good god

All my wonderful allies, right here!


By far my favorite. I’ve sacked every single 5 star healer I could get my hands on(aside from Picnic Genny) to this amazing healer. It’s a shame it’ll be next to impossible to merge her up anytime soon. :feh_nobulli:

I don’t have much to say. He is awesome, and actually capable of dealing damage with buffs.

Really good for murderizing Ninos and other colorless nuisances in AR.

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Well, I’m building up Boey on my alt account, he’s +6 now now he’ll look something like this:

As for my main account, I have a +9 Mae who I plan on finishing at some point, but her build will be decided once I have enough Grails to immedietely +10 Michalis.

Please post your Corrin!

My beloved Marisa. I have posted my build for her WAY to much so I’m just not going to right now.

On a side note, do you guys think I should sack my +2 F!Corrin that I never use for steady breath and infantry rush. I’m definitely going to do it if I get an Owain so that I can do the following build.

Which I will post when I can actually use the unit builder cause my service sucks right now.

Better start working on those +10 Genny and Celica to round them out!

+10 Celica is pretty much impossible now (changes to summoning pool), but I’d love to if I could. I have Julius though, and he does a bit of everything. That, and generally the best part about Celica was being impaled by Falchion. She just made so many situations worse than they could’ve been, making Alm run her country being one of them.


We really need a Steady Stance seal. Though I admit Warding Stance needed to happen sooner.

Well, if you insist. :kissing_heart:

I use low tier units fairly often especially for AA, but shes my most invested and favorite by far. Probably gonna merge her after Soleil’s done.