What made you almost stop playing FGO?

  • Terrible Farming Results (Hearts, Scales, MIRRORS, Some JP mat that’s even worse)
  • Farming gets too boring even with FGA
  • My last good roll was the new player free roll
  • Gacha gods give me the other rate-up servant instead of my target
  • I whaled for someone and didn’t even get a new spook, let alone the SSR
  • DW still hasn’t released a Morgan banner on NA because they’re cowards
  • One of the stories/interludes rubbed me the wrong way
  • Caught up to the story and my favorite whale(s) removed me from their friend list
  • I have a STEM degree but haven’t been published in a single scientific journal because I keep playing FGO instead of working
  • Private Life pulled me away and I almost escaped but the game was too strong

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I don’t think I missed anything, but you can add it here.


If Albert doesn’t put Morgan on Thanksgiving I’m quitting na and buying a Morgan JP account.


I wish I could answer the stem degree one… But I’ve been published technically, but only because I was a undergrad doing grunt experiment work

Actually I thought for sure switching from salarywoman to mom would make me stop… Instead I think my playtime increased


I take breaks, I don’t stop.

Though admittedly because of my UC, I missed both Summer 3 events and didn’t get Jaltzerker.


I’ll go with bad Gacha, since spending real money on GSSRs for zero waifu is my only regret with the game.


…still not there yet. Still cruising and cursing. :fgo_seibasurf:

Several reasons why I am taking a break from FGO that may be permanent (though even then I’ll still stick around here and discuss new characters/animation updates/buffs/etc…) are:

  • The farming/grind just being too constant/unrelenting
  • By extension of the first point, the excessive material costs and difficulty to obtain those materials in the amount required
  • By further extension, the fast pace of events and time cost to get everything done when I have other things I want to do in life
  • The powercreep, especially when contrasted with the servants that have basically nothing

I haven’t really had issues with the summons or the friend list, and the story has overall been good, and fortunately there are very few outright bad interludes.


if it isn’t 1st or last author no one counts it anyway :fgo_gudao:


Yeh I almost quit for a short while last christmas, last rate up for Martha Ruler for a significant period of time. Just a 4 star I thought! And she’s with quetz and brad, even better!

339 quartz and 17 tickets later, 1 off rate SSR (Vlad), dozen 3 star event CEs, No 4 or 5 star event CEs and thats it.
I was most annoyed.

While I understand thats hardly anything, at the time I wasn’t spending much on the game ($30 here a month at most) so it was a pretty significant loss of currency with virtually nothing to show for it (Vlad still sits in second archive)

Before that, about 300SQ and a few tickets on Marthas Summer banner (With Squirtoria and Caster Marie), similar situation though that was just a insult.


The wind left my sails when I came up empty on the Jalter banner during the da vinci rerun but I didnt stop playing, I just stopped saving for her

There are plenty of times when I’ve been burned out and just log in, like right now, but Ive never stopped

Content wise the nastiest thing so far was that chloe interlude but that didn’t make me stop playing


I did get spooked by my first Rider Martha on Ruler Martha’s banner last Christmas. She wasn’t on rate-up that day.


Without counting the STEM thingy basicly my phone was basicly dead for a week, i feel pretty bad for those 7 days, but i honestly have never thougth on stop playing Fgo because i just like it, farming it’s painful? Yes it is, the Goddess Luck some times kinda hate me? Yes, but no of those things bother me that much, if i don’t get what i want i just accept it and ket trying, i’m a person with a pretty positive mindset when it comes to Fgo, as a person with a ton of servants that i like i know that i will not be able to get all the things that i want, so if i al least get one or two of my targets of the year i already consider myself i winner, any victory it’s a big victory for me, and if i get something that i didn’t wanted or i didn’t care about i give it’s a try and i try to see if that grows on me, like Okita Jackson Souji, i got her without really wanting her, i level her and try her and now i like her, her second ascention it’s super cool with a cool personality that i like, something that wasn’t a victory because a victory on a matter of time, so i won on the end.
So i probably not going to quit Fgo unless an outside forces force me to do it.


At this point, nothing has really made me consider quitting FGO - for all I whine about its faults, it is genuinely good, especially within the constraints of a mobile game, and their habit of using a large stable of artists means it has one of the most visually diverse casts out there which is a massive sell against other gachas of a similar scale that have distinctive, but repetitive art styles (even accounting for Takeuchi’s infinite recycling of the one face and pose).

That said, I’m gearing up to develop a plan to quit some time around 7th anni. Depending on what developments emerge in terms of kit design and gameplay over the next year or so, and what happens with LB7, I could find myself putting an end-date on my FGO experience some years in advance.


I decided to take a break once I started working. Events feel like a chore even with FGA when I don’t have enough time. I prefer Genshin right now which I used to think didn’t have enough content, but it’s just the right amount for me as of now.


I don’t have a STEM degree, but I do have to publish the results of my Master’s dissertation about language policy. FGO and work have prevented me from focusing on it for some time now. :sob: Maybe after Gil fest :fgo_bbgrin:


None of the above. What made me almost stop was Septem. Took me, and I kid you not, a year to complete. I was that bored by it.


Eh, bad gatcha luck just demotivates me to do anything.

I login tho and do my fragments quests even when in a break of sorts.

A little login break here and there doesnt hurt me. I am an end-game player after all. :fgo_shutensip:


I still haven’t consider quitting so the meme option it is (even if I’ve already been published a few times… :sweat_smile:).

Only thing that could make me consider quitting would be work and time management, I think. But even so… I would consider to just log in every day and do nothing than to quit FGO altogether.


Have been playing since 2018 in NA when the KnK event is ongoing, and never take a break nor have a plan to stop playing

Because i likes everything about Fgo or Nasuverse in general, so bad gacha luck doesn’t affects me

Maybe the time where i stop playing is when the game is closed forever


I won’t quit after how much im grinding for mat, exp, sq etc :fgo_casgilworry: , but not gonna lie the only time i considered to quit is last year Skadi banner, it hurt me so much to save for the characther u like and got nothing in return, hence im almost never save up till this day.