What moves are you running on Alolachu?

I think I’ve tried every combination and spent a regrettable number of charge TMs along the way. My conclusion is that I wish alolan raichu had four move slots…

  • Thunder Punch provides reliable and fast coverage and can be good shield pressure. Personally I think Volt Switch provides enough electric coverage on its own and there are better shield bait tactics out there so I pass on this.

  • Psychic is a nice surprise on poison/grass types that step in to counter/resist (And a decent move in general).

  • Grass Knot I find it necessary on my current team which is really vulnerable to the mud bois. It doesn’t get any STAB though which bothers me.

  • Wild Charge is really strong but carries a cost with that debuff. Certain bulky mons like Umbreon and Registeel give my team problems, and Wild Charge isn’t too bad at brute forcing them, so I like this move.

Grass Knot is Mandatory. Coverage vs Mudbois, which are very often in teams.

Wild CHarge, i really hate self debufs and Raichu isnt enough bulky to collect energy and fire them back to back and taking fast moves on face during this.

Thunder Punch is fastest, and pressure faster Azu is never bad idea. And its good to bait and “shot and switch” tactic vs not soo good matchup

Psychic isnt bad move, but is rarely SE Mostly will help vs grasses. And maybe sometimes debuff will land.

Dunno your whole team, but definetely wouldnt use Wild Charge, unless you want him mostly as closer. Grass Knot/Thunder Punch or Grass Knot/Psychic- depending on what your team have.

Volt/Thunder Punch/Grass Knot but the little shit is so glassy it’s irritating to play with him at this point. Which is sad because…

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Because what? Shiny? Nice. But the stats - Seems more suitable for UL ;)

@HM4onTruck run Grass Knot/Wild Charge. WC is the best move ever. I tend to use my Mew with WC/DC though more often.

If I used Alolan Raichu in Great League, I’d run Volt Switch + Psychic and Grass Knot for the widest coverage.

Volt Switch w/ Thunder Punch and Grass Knot. GK for Whiscash and Azumarill, TP for Skarmory and Registeel (and Azumarill). A-Raichu is already a glass-cannon; the potential of the debuff from WC makes it undesirable, so I rely on the relative speed of TP for lightning damage.

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Switch/Punch/Grass Knot.

I’ve grown to REALLY like Melmetal’s Superpower in Masters, however. Nothing in Masters goes anywhere as fast, effective and annoying as THAT. (Note that from my experience, the Debuffs don’t really matter on ML Melmetal for some reason)

Lollll I hope I see some A-Raichu in UL, make my life a lot easier

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Besides this was of course a joke I had a look at the pvpoke list - and it is not that bad in UL (thunder punch and wild charge though). Covering Registeel, Poliwrath, Articuno, Charizard and Cresselia. Problem is that this is the on-paper performance and with wild charge it is difficult to perfectly bait and fire off charged moves as in the sims.

Interesting about superpower Melmetal: I had the exact opposite impression. People don’t know how to use it, making their Melmetal a complete idiot even against my Metagross or Dragonite :D
This was at low rank 8 though; I guess this season is a lot different.

@hkn: Surprise aside, this is the worst moveset imo, cause you rob one of the prime arguments for Raichu - its swiftness!

btw - did you know that IB Azumarill wins against Alolan Raichu in the 0-shield scenario when it carries thunder punch? Another argument pro Wild Charge.

Yeah i feel the same. In GL Close Combat and Wild Charge are pretty easy to handle, while in Master It isnt much helpful and fight vs even debuffed Melmetal is annoying.

But i prefer self debuff attack than defence. And CC and WC do awful -2 DEF drop, Superpopwer just -1. And Melmetal is tanky anyway, which cant be said about Granbull and Raichu.

Blocked Superpower from Mel is usually a guaranteed win for me.

I prefer Defense Debuff, this allows you to save two charged attacks doing the same damage, then you can switch. Superpower is worst case imo, cause it drops both. It helped me a lot on my Snorlax in UL though :)
I guess it is because most people expect a body slam (with earthquake as second, which charges a lot slower) and do not shield.

I use mine in Great League with Volt Switch, Thunder Punch and Grass Knot. GK is near mandatory, as mentioned previously mud is very much present and problematic - getting a one shot on a Whiscash is beautiful too. I use TP because Alolachu is squishy enough without a 25% defence drop. I have noticed that if you take and extra fast move or two, people will think you’re about to drop a Wild Charge and shield, effectively making Thundet Punch its own bait.

That’s the moveset I’ve settled on. I like Alolachu as a closer. With shields down, Wild Charge does big damage on just about anything.

I tried to like Alolachu. Fired him up, VS/TP/GN, just couldn’t make him work. Too squishy. On the heap with other failed flavour of the day GL experiments like A-Marowak and Vigoroth.

Good thing about GL experiments is they arecheap and hell, it’s a one time investment, they are always going to be there to use.

A Marowak is VERY good for me bar Shiftry (Which is very rare before Seedot CD). I usually use it to bait Waters out, since almost all leads are weak to fire. If you place it as a lead, you can lure out an enemy water and shred them down with a Shadow Victreebel.

Marolanwak is nice for baiting. But that has to work. For example I lead with a DeoxysD and have opposed many Marolanwaks - either they fire their bone club or whatever it is called off to fast or I think they will bait anyway and fire off a shadow ball. So, usually I will not shield their first charged attack. In any case I stay in and try to fire off my rock slide cause it is very effective. Either they loose two shields or I run it down to nearly zero in the case of the opening fight.

Alolachu is good, but also dependent on baiting. If I know they have thunder punch I don’t shield (Except maybe Azu) and they the go usually down fast. I like it as lead if you have a good safe switch, then firing off an initial wild charge (which usually goes of before the opponents first charged move) either they loose a shield or take heavy damage. Then switch and the debuff is gone the next fight. Also good to lead Azumarill into soft counters, cause they know you have an Alolachu and try to protect their Azu desperately

I love alola chu. It beats the hell out of the meta. I think it even beats altaria if it lands WC at the right moment. I used to run it with TP/GN before the wild charge buff but I ended up just running it with triple thunder moves. I always put it in the lead as I’ve found the three most popular leads by far are Regi, Azu,and skarmory all of which chu beats.
Great budget mon. Needs to be paired up with stuff that doesn’t need shields, but so many meta teams get wrecked by it. I wouldn’t say any charge move is “mandatory” on it. It’s battles don’t last long and with the buff to wild charge you’re almost always going to draw a shield. GN is nice for ground types and the mirror, but wild charge can clean up neutral matchups. If I had to say I didn’t like one move it would be psychic, as it’s a little high on energy.

You call change to WC buff, i call this nerf.

Triple move od 1 type also dont looks good, easy to be hard walled like Masters Gira O vs Snorlax.

Yes, for some Pokemon it is, but for other Pokemon like Zekrom who were less reliant on it to do damage it’s OK as a surprise attack.

That’s why my Gira O ran Dragon Pulse for extra coverage now. It’s not that fast, but it works.