What other mobile games do y'all play?

I was looking through my apps on break, bored out of my mind, and I started wondering what other mobile games y’all play. You can list friend codes if you want to, but I’m just wondering what titles you guys like.

As for me:

The Alchemist Code

This is the one I play the most, up there with FEH.
“Armbrust” - RDW1LWQJ


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

First mobile game I played. I fade in and out of active playership.
“Armbrust” - 558,515,283



Played since launch. I enjoy it, but I have trouble finding motivation to play actively.

Möbius Final Fantasy

Played this for a while, but not actively since the end of Book 1. Been meaning to catch up.

Pokemon Go

Does anybody NOT play it?
As I live in rural America, it’s hard for me to get gifts to send to friends.

Pokemon Masters

I like Pokemon, so of course I’m here.

RWBY: Amity Arena

I feel like if anybody else here plays this, it’s @Thehalohedgehog

Unsurprisingly, I am the headmaster of a White Rose guild Academy.

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin

Another game that I dkn’t play as much as I would like to. I enjoy it, but it does get kind of repetetive. Levelling ujits is also a massive pain.

I also have some “normal” games as well. Final Fantasy 5, 6, and Tactics, Stardew Valley, Sudoku…


Pheonix Wright 4 through 6!


That’s quite a lot :feh_sothishook:
As for me I only play Mobile legends (it’s basically LoL)


Its pretty fun


I used to play a game called Food Fantasy but I haven’t played it in a while but I’m hoping to get back into it soon since the art and VA is super well done. I’m also looking to get into FGO since I love the anime series I just need the time to get though all the tutorial and stuff.


Grindr somehow fits every genre into one game. Horror, Collecting, the often rare Romance etc.


Yeah, I enjoy games. Thankfully, I’m F2P on all except Heroes, Exvius, and Alchemist. But only one per month. :rofl:

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I use to play Onmyoji but that game got hella grindy and it just didn’t feel very friendly to F2P.

The Grind just got to too much at some point and the main storyline kind of just stopped and then events took over the story and once the events were over you couldn’t really do them again.

I do really miss playing solely because some of their designs were really cool. I really like Ame Onna’s design for example. She’s adorable.

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Only other games I play on my phone are roms on an emulator, currently on-and-off playing Blazing Blade.
I would give FGO a try but I have no space on my phone.


I prefer to emulate on my computer, personally, but I have a few retros on my phone. Namely, Final Fantasy 5, 6, and Tactics.

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Epic 7 but dont have time
Langrisser but dont have time
I dont play any mobile games other than Feh since it isnt too grindy.

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Star Realms. It’s a pretty nifty sci-fi deckbuilding game (also available in physical cards).

Dokkan Battle JP Version and Dragonball Legends, but i slowly begin to hate that one.


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

Been playing since launch, though I’m fairly behind regarding the most updated story due to being busy IRL. It’s my main gacha and also my favorite out of the ones I’ve played.

Really did a good job in resurrecting my interest in the Final Fantasy series. I feel motivated to go back and play the Final Fanatsies once more.


Same XD but with the global version of Dokkan

Chess. Dota chess.

I’m pretty selective with games I play in general, and it’s rare I’ll play more than a couple at the same time at all, but any game I do play, I tend to play pretty regularly.

The last single player game I played before Three Houses was…Mass effect 3. :no_mouth: Non-moba online game…probably FF14. Last FF before that…FFX.

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Asides FEH I play…

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Lately I enter on a daily basis for the prizes only, but sometimes I stay and do some stuffs, I’ve been working to buff up my Rydia’s MAG to help her deal more damage with the soul break…
She’s far from done, I don’t know if I can up her MAG above 1191 as it’s the requirement for [Ogopogo] to attack thrice, but that’s possible on FFIV dungeons with record synergy, anyways my lead:

That’s my code + IGN (yes, she’s the best FF girl :hugs:).

Here's some screenshots of how I've been buffing her up

Erf… I don’t know why she has five less points in magic here…

Feel free to add if you try it, it’s got a really noice retro quality).
Also, I’ll leave my invite code, I couldn’t test it but it should give prizes to both me and whoever registers to the game: http://ffrk.denagames.com/dff/invite/o?vLHj

Epic Seven

I just started with the game:

This game doesn’t have FC system but relies on usernames (they’re reserved) so if anyone plays it I’m “af1899”, my lead is this character called Destina.
Also must protecc Mercedes (not the 3H one)

I also used to play three of the games you play: FFBE (found it pretty hard to progress last time), PoGo temporarily left to save mobile data and Valkyrie Anatomia bored me quite quickly, it was interesting but I couldn’t get drawn by it.

More games I used to play: Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (the gacha’s pretty bad, takes long to farm diamonds and a 10x roll can only give one 5★ piece of gear and for a character I won’t use… but I might make a fresh return considering Rydia was added), FGO (temporarily left, I may return later), Mario Kart Tour (it was fun but it’s got kind of repetitive, I might return if Nintendo releases someone I like), Love Live! (not being fan of rhythm games didn’t help to keep playing for long)… I think that’s it


WarioWare Twisted using an emulator.
It’s pretty fun.

Also Pokémon Shuffle.


Only Heroes and Pokemon Masters right now. ^^

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Feh and Fgo.
That’s it.

I already spend too much time on em, no need to make that worse