What other Pokemon you hope to receive Weather Ball?

With Ninetiles and Politoed learning Weather Ball, their PvP viability have surged. What other Pokemon do you expect to get this treatment?
I noticed that currently all the Weather Ball users have weather related abilities in the main series, either changing the weather or changing form under certain weather.
What are missing are Hippowdon, Gigalith and Vanilluxe. The latter two can see considerable improvements with rock and ice type WB in PvE, and Hippowdon also looks interesting with EP + WB (rock) in PvP, but we need Mud Shot first.

Regular castform has the normal weatherball, or?

Since when is there a weather ball rock? Is that a later gen thing? And normal Castform does learn normal weather ball.

Personally, I would like to see other moves improved rather than every mon under the sun eventually getting weather ball.


Alright, it’s a bug of Poke Genie.

Weather Ball Rock has always been a thing since the move got invented in Gen 3. Thing is that Sand was a rather underused weather back then, and no Pokemon that learned the move benefited much of WB Rock. Not that it is so much different nowadays.

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Oh dead set, never knew that!

Personally, I would like to see other moves improved rather than every mon under the sun eventually getting weather ball.


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TBH, not sure why Politoad needed it…Surf is already a very comparable move.

Certainly didn’t need it. There were plenty of mons that would not only kill for weather ball but also surf. Getting a 35 energy move with mudshot is dirty good tho. There wasn’t really a reason a play to play Politoed before it got WB. It didn’t offer much different than Swampy outside of an arguably worse typing. Now it adds a non grass Swampert counter to the GL meta which was much needed.

I agree throwing weather ball at everything is going to get boring. It might be a good time to stop. They’re just body slam clones. They will automatically be a playable move on anything because they are cheap and efficient.

That being said Vanilluxe could use an ice weather ball. It has such a garbage move pool it couldn’t possibly hurt.

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Yep, this is it: a perfect swampert killer (which of course it was not really with surf). You just need to shield sludge wave/EQ though. Two or three additional WB on some mons where it fits doesn’t hurt I think. Also the example on alolan ninetales with charm shows that there is some variability when you count in the fast move! It might be the first time that you actually get off two charged moves with a charmer :P

Alolan ninetales finally got weather ball. All I need is Sylveon release and I’m ready to pass on the next life.
So I dont care much for other mons with weather ball myself, but if I had to pick definitely roserade

Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Ho-oh?, Lugia, Heatran, Landorus, Tornadus, Thundurus, Dragonair, Dragonite, Froslass, Altaria, Aurorus, Azumarill, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Regice, Mewtwo, and I can probably think of others that seem like they could but don’t in PoGo. Some of these learn Weather Ball in the MSG, and a few might be too over powered, like Azu. Edit: Aurorus already has it.

I kinda like the idea of the weather trio having Weather Ball and same for Ho-oh (who badly needs a better STAB move!). The rest don’t really fit and sure don’t need it either.

Dragonair and Dragonite? Insert Dragonball Z meme.

Well, WB Roserade coming soon!

February CD- Roserade


Heatran, Dragonite, Dragonair, Altaria, Azumarill, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Regice and Mewtwo csn‘t learn Weather Ball though. And Aurorus already has WB Ice in it‘s movepool in Go. And Ho-Oh will eventually get it‘s signature move Sacred Fire.

PS: for further reference on what can learn Weather Ball: https://www.serebii.net/attackdex-swsh/weatherball.shtml

They just seem like they would be able too, even if they don’t in msg.

Speak of the devil! :rofl: Definitely didn’t see that coming! :laughing:

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This isn’t strictly about Weather Ball though Weather Ball does partially contribute, but I’m not a fan of most “coverage moves.” I’d rather the Pokemon be given a neutral move than one that is SE. I know that can’t always be done but G-Stunfisk doesn’t need Rock Slide when it already resists Flying, has FC for Flying, and has EQ and Muddy Water for Fire.

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Why that? That’s one of the cool things about pvp, that you can’t be sure to wall everything that comes in your (counter)way. Otherwise a lot more rock-paper-scissors feeling, or?