What other Pokemon you hope to receive Weather Ball?

I think some walls are healthy and there really aren’t that many. I just realized Play Rough isn’t neutral vs. Venusaur so I edited that part out of my last post. I would have preferred Blizzard for Azumarill over Ice Beam if Niantic must have given it an Ice type move. It takes longer to charge so a Venusaur can still get off a Frenzy Plant or Sludge Bomb. I know giving multiple Water types an Ice type move creates more choices but it also devalues Grass and Flying so players look to Electric.

my biggest fear for this is that once they add it to too many mons to buff them, they will nerf the move. I really like it the way it is

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Alright, I know what you mean. Though in this special case I do not agree, cause venusaur gets to frenzy plant already several (three) rounds than azu to ice beam, so still a lot of room there - plus venusaur survives one ice beam and a looooot of bubbles ;)
Electric in some situations is only better than grass due to volt switch doing high damage and is relatively fast - not really due to ice beam on azu I think