What percentage of the playerbase actually actively collects Pikachu in a £$(&ing Hat?

Log into the game, up pops another announcement. “Insert vague reason to have event here”

Oh look, another Pikachu in a hat will be featuring, because that’s fresh and interesting. Now Niantic might be inept, but they’re not totally stupid. So, it got me thinking, this is the only thing that gets trotted out, month in month out, presumably those who collect 1 of each must spend a few $/£etc on extra storage right?

But seriously, how many people actually see the announcement for the 15th Pikachu in a hat this year and think “YAY!!! Pikachu in another hat, I was going to raid Giratina and Darkrai and maybe get up to Rank 9 on GBL but not now; I’m going to catch me some Pikachu in a hat again”

So, just that really, who does it, or knows someone who does it and for question part 2, of those who love Pikachu in a hat and have a storage full of 500 Pikachu in a hat, are there any who don’t still count their birthdays in quarters and halves?

Collectors, the biggest whales in the game. But to be honest, Niantic could release trubbish with a mole that can only be seen with a microscope and collectors will spend thousands for the shiny or the 100%.


I felt a great increase in my enjoyment of the game since the day I realised that I will never complete my pokedex.


I sort of collect Pikachu with his/her various hats but only because they have high IVs. I only have 3 or 4 Pikachus with various hats. But to be honest I really only want Pikachu with his Mimikyu costume and the one where he is floating with the balloons. But I am definitely not going to give Professor Willow beanie hat Pikachu away!

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I love my witch hat Raichu that knows “Charm” :slight_smile:

Actually I have all of them and all of those in Raichu form. It’s not exactly an active collection impulse, but I don’t transfer them because I like to see them when I scroll down. No obsession but enjoyment, I think it’s a fair reason. I’m the first one transferring anything that takes space in my bag unnecessarily, I just rather have that than a 20th trash IV legendary that looks the same as the others.

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I like the hats… but what I don’t like is that most non-Pikachu mons (and many Pikachu variants) cannot be evolved.

For example, I understand that it takes time for the art team to do a good job of creating a Charmeleon and Charizard with a Yamask top hat. As such, I don’t mind that Charizard with a Yamask top hat is not immediately able to evolve to a Charizard with a Yamask top hat. But with most of these hats, there likely never will be the ability to evolve the mon into its “top hat” form, so I usually just keep the best IV mons I find and ditch the rest.

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I get that people have their favourite pokemon aesthetically, I’m waiting for a shiny lotad lucky trade to max and I’m building a team of shiny Tina-O. But I think what annoys me about it is, on top of the fact that it’s the same pokemon in yet another pointless hat, as @Jeddite says - it’s 99% useless. Pikachu has always been useless in Pogo, Raichu has niche uses but most of the hat-mon are unevolveable.

Maybe I’m prejudiced, I’ve always hated Pikachu, he’s just annoying, smug and unrealistically seems to always win the day despite the fact I’m fairly confident, even in my unfit state, I could kick him a good 50-60 yards with the right breeze., never mind that Groudon could eat a whole bunch of pikachu like I eat pork scratchings.


Bolivian pikachu


I dont like pikachu and even less its hats. Here’s a cheaply edited meme


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Ugh. Don’t even get me started. People collecting pokemon with hats is like people who collect Giratinas. :laughing:

I don’t mind the pikachus with hats that can evolve. My niece seems to collect them as she isn’t interested in raids or battling. Oh, and she doesn’t count her birthdays in quarters or halves to answer your question part 2.

I also don’t mind the final evolved pokemon with costumes. It’s kind of fun to use costumed Gengar occasionally. I have a shiny Sableye with the Litwick hat. That one is fun to throw out there once in a while. It’s like a flex saying “admire my ‘rare’ shiny that is even rarer because it’s wearing a hat”. If I’m lucky, that split second of them noticing it’s just a little different than the norm gets me an extra fast move during battle.

Ok, but overall, yes they’re pointless and I doubt the percentage of people collecting them is very high. I’m going to guess it’s high enough to make some money and thus get Niantic to keep throwing them out there.


Bet you couldn’t kick a Giratina over a garden fence though

only the shiny ones

Don’t get what you mean. Pikachu with hats are great new content. Just like stickers

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I do. I think their cute and its not like I have to go out of my way to catch them whenever their available.

I’ve 2500 pokemon and probably 2000+ have never been used for anything (and will never be used)

Maybe at some point there will be a 500CP league when only electric and poison are allowed and all this Pikachu’s will have their moment of glory…

It’d be an interesting cup/league.

Bit like the Olympics opening up a new athletics category for unfit, slightly overweight, office workers who since Covid have worked in their pants whilst eating a multitude of biscuits and crisps. (Me, by the way)

I do not actively hunt them, but do keep 3* ones in my collection (my living wonder dex for Gen 1 is complete).

Hey Oaf, that seems like a very cathartic schpiel on hapless Pikagoof, LOL! I must secretly reveal I have the same response to Blisseys … sitting there with that S**t eating grin in virtually every gym I have ever encountered. If only POGO would release a true Blissey killer… I would stalk every gym in Thailand hoping to take out her Bilssness with malice and bad intent. However I don’t imagine I can drop kick her as far you would with the Piker. I have about 30-40 Rats in Hats … don’t know why, perhaps in the hope I can someday trade them for someone of equal lofty value.

I reckon Blissey could pop like a balloon if you hit her with a kwilfish?

I’d also like to make a massive omelette with her egg. That’d wipe the smile off her face.

If I was in Thailand though, I’d be too busy eating all the food, I’d end up looking like Blissey.

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What percentage of the playerbase actually actively collects Pikachu in a £$(&ing Hat?

Everyone who uses a Go-Tcha or equivalent, those who want more stardust or those who waste their time just shiny checking.