What PM needs?

The game is quite fun, and I even dont mind most of grinding. But it feels that the game just came out. If they want to hook large numer of players for a long time, game needs to improve. Like FeH which start with little of content constatnly add more and more, and I stay for ~2,5 year. My deam scenario:

  1. Quality of life:
    a) Co-op battles are to slow. Maybe crank it one speed higher.
    b) Improve shop. Prices are wierd to say the least. Why but 3* level up manual for 100k if you can get it under the minute fighting level-up course. If you have few 75-85 level sync pairs you can easly farm maunals. On the other hand 3 evolution crystals cost 900k gold, and can be bought once a month. If you always need 3 why they are sell by 1 pcs? Give us option to sell/buy any number of stuff. Selling pearls by 1 or 10 is lazy design. Like site going on top after every transaction. Also you can sell gear for 50(!). Why even bother for 50g?
    c) Need more gems. Feh give us enought. Now it is 300-400 per month. It is like 18000 - 22000 gems per month (couting 5 orbs per summon). So we able to summon ~2 sync pairs per day.
    d) Im happy that we get ability to get 5* power ups from Blue event, but would like to get more of that, and maybe even 4*.

  2. Balance:
    a) some SP suuucks. Im realy disapointed in Haxorus wchich is one of my favorite pokemons. He dont have high attack, he have pitiful bulk, and is slow af. His special moves are nothing to write home about, and ability is meh. I know that there will be always better and worst units, but at least give everybody a niche, or something he is good at.
    b) Recoil and healing (and probably more numbers). Carnidos with critical, and super effective damage can deal fantastic damage, but die after one hit. Recoil have to be redo because in current form is unplayable against bosses that have 10 times more HP than player. And 10% healing, espesialy by tanks (Rosa) is usless. It makes gigadrain one of the worst 3-cost moves in the game in my opinion.
    c) % of scouting. 7% of 5* is ok, but 23% of 4* is to low. If shoud be more like 53/40/7. Now the chance of gettig specific SP from 4* pool is similar for getting one from 5* pool ~1%. And I still get 5 copies of Marshal :P

  3. More content:
    a) new game modes. Maybe something like you fight endless waves of stroner and stroner enemies, or some kind of competive mode like Arena in FeH.
    b) evolution for existing pairs. I hate that my 100 lvl SP have unevolved starter. I want Sceptile (or mabye even mega Sceptile ;> ). Espesialy that AI use evolved forms.
    c) TMs. This is realy big game changer. Like in FeH when inherit came in. Wheater teams would be viable (now you have to use specific, mostly sucky SP). Tech pokemon will get more viablity, as they would get status moves: toxic, will-o-wisp, or thunder wave.
    But dont make it luck dependant. Give us some new, quite rare, currency, and let player decide which TM they would use.
    d) Give our avatar option to change pokemon partner. Pikachu is ok, but there is so much of him. And he sucks. Give a little pool to choose from, or add new partners like new sync pairs. Or give player an Eevee, and let decide which form we want.
    e) new gear maybe? instead of simple stat boost, give us specific stat resistant, or boosted special effect/crit chance?

Are you agree with me? Are there anyting you add to this game.
I hope DeNA make this game great :)
Or I jump over Diablo Immortal next year :P


1a). Yeah they’re slow. It’s a consequence of internet requirements and keeping track of what 6 different players do. Faster would be nice, but not too fast so I can’t keep track.
b). Most of the shop offers are garbage. Can easily do a training course to get more of those items than wasting money or items to get 1 copy. The only things worth buying imo are the extra bars, evolution items and some event items.
c & d) and 2c) More gems and better odds would be nice.

2 a) Some SPs do suck sadly. Haxorus is one who needs a big buff. Worse thing is Outrage; it’s confusion penalty is too large in this game style.
b) Cranidos takes too much damage from bosses, agreed. Against non-bosses is ok. Rosa is actually really good. Her strengths lie in her support moves and bulk. Giga Drain is actually a good move considering it heals you and deals good damage. The issue is that her SpA is terrible, even when boosted. But ideally you shouldn’t be attacking with her.

3 a) should come out later. PM only recently came out. Question is how much time.
b) yeah this one has been scracthing people’s heads. hopefully comes later
c) That’s a nice feature, would be good to have
d) Given how this game works, I don’t think it’ll happen. Going back and giving people the choice to change partner will upset those who didn’'t get the choice before.
3e) Would be nice. May hpoefully come with new content

The 2 main things I want are new single-player content and PvP. I rather have end-game single player content than co-op.


Some people forget that 3* will got in long term a huge buff with the upgrade tickets… bronz + silver + gold tickets are actually working to improve 3* sync pairs. But obviusly we haven’t got perspective enought to judge it.

PS: It’s a huge difference theorize than hating trivialities in the first week :unamused:

Really… keep calm and wait.

  • Rosa is a toptier tank support, did you want also a sweep potential with sustain ¿The overpowered F2P Sync Pair? Just… ¿Why?
    As someone already said gigadrain is fine, the low sp.atk. is the clue there
  • (so tired about that argue…) Cranidos can do a huge damage, so it’s totally fine getting something to compensate. It’s a 3* with nearly a 5* toptier damage!!!

e.g. anyone remember about Brock ¿? That means that we will provably get Alt -Sync Pairs like any other gacha game or even themed Sync Pairs? I’m wondering about Gyarados-Misty incoming or even a tech Psyduck-Misty (will be nice to see as a good option to play :crazy_face:)

(as you said)

  • We will get move tutors or TM ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? We will be able to change abilities with any option¿? Or even the Sync moves ¿?¿?¿? :thinking:
  • They are some pkmn that actually can’t evolve/M.evolve in pkmn masters… They will do in the future ¿? :star_struck:

Sincerely, instead of hate about perfectly fine banalities we should hypothetically theorize. That’s a lot more fun than complain IN THE FIRST WEEK!

Dont get me wrong. I think that game is very good (as for mobile game). Im not complaining. Just wondering what could be done to keep me play for another years. If some (most?) of that change during first year i would be happy.
I remember how impresed i was by FEH and how much they add every new patch.
I also think that Rosa is one of the beat units, but gigadrain on tank is very unsynergistic. She dont have sp atk to regenerate health. She wolud much more benefit from something that lowers enemy stats, or high damage attack like leaf storm (contrery Serperior in future?) to make up for her low do atk.

The main problem is that everything that you are suggesting is extremely unbalancing in Pair Sync … The first week are not the ideal moment to complain about trivialities x’D

Didn’t this game have a beta since summer started? You’d think if they cared they would notice all these imbalances already. But it just goes to show you how little game makers care these days.

Every player wants the same things. Everyone says the shop is not right. But how many games (especially mobile) ones have this issue? So it’s intentionally unbalanced to help people waste money. Look at how many stay this way for several years.

Games are made by formula, not by people who actually play games themselves. 26 million dollars in the first week is proof they don’t need to put in any real effort.

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Part of me wants PvP and the other part doesnt. Co-op is great, and it kinda throws the need for PvP away, but how long it will last is the real question.

But again, the balance between whales and F2Ps would be unfair in PvP.

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I want a PVP Ladder Mode which gives milestone rewards.
The rewards could be:

  • Gems
  • 3* Sync Pair Increase Potential
  • 4* Sync Pair Increase Potential
  • 5* Sync Pair Increase Potential
  • Evolution Crystals
  • Replay tickets
  • Gear Drops
  • Pearls

There is wide range of things which could be used as incentive to participate.
I have played other games were you unlock rewards based on reaching win milestones.

In addition, the game can do different Ranking Tiers.
You don’t have to be top tier in order to complete the milestone rewards.
You can get matched with people around your ranking level.
I think it will be fun.

Yeah that’s the main reason why I don’t want it. If it’s not done right, PvP has the potential to ruin the game for a lot of people (mainly ftp). But at the same time, PvP makes the game interesting. It makes people want to put effort/and or money into the game. The games been out for only around 1 week, and I’m already seeing people ask for more chapters, content, etc… They might be a vocal minority, but they have a point, I’m sure most people who have the game are pretty much done with all the chapters. It’s pretty much just grinding for items in co-op and waiting for the next content drop.

As @Player_J has stated, some sort of PvP ladder mode might work. You could maybe earn gems and notes from there consistently rather than relying on rng and updates.

But it’s just something to think about. Overall, I’m very conflicted on this issue.


Milkz brings good point.
Gym Leader Notes could be an option as well.
So many possibilities to be honest.