What Pokémon have you retired?

What Pokémon have you retired (never use anymore ) that used to be part of your regular rotation of raid and gym attackers? Is there a possibly they could come back to being useful with a new move,future mega, pvp potensial?

For me Pokémon that I used to used often that I never use anymore would be
Feralitgatr, Hariyama, Alakazam, Dragonnite, Salamence and Vaporeon

When the mega for Salamence and Alakazam are realized they will likely get put back in rotation.

Really wish I could get a refund on stardust for Hariyama, he will likely just be used a gym defender going forward.

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Tyranitar, fortunately I only powered two up and not maxed.

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I forgot about Ttar, I just sadly retired him as well in December. If I use a team B instead of reviving for Rocks or dark he could lead my second unit.

Atleast the stardust won’t go to waste on him with his Mega eventually coming, hopefully sooner than later.

Those 2 come to mind for me because Dragon attacks are only super effective against other dragons. Generalists are not as valuable as specialists and super effective damage. I still use dragons such as Garchomp and Zekrom a lot because they fill other roles in addition to dragon attacker.

Megas will give them a temporary boost in popularity, but I feel like they will fade back into obscurity. Alakazam is psychic, another typing like dragon that isn’t needed too often. Until there are more dragon, fighting and poison bosses and/or gym defenders, they will never be top choices as attackers.

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Steel is hardly needed as well, but nobody can deny Metagross’ popularity.

You are correct. Part of it is that Metagross has a lot of resistances that come from the steel typing. Also unlike Dragonite & Salamence, it doesn’t have a double weakness. Alakazam is a glass cannon. And Metagross is the best steel type by far. Alakazam is inferior to Mewtwo. Dragonite & Salamence have a lot of competition when it comes to being the best dragon.

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Metagross (and to more of an extent Shadow 'Gross) can also function as a psychic attacker, and still puts a hefty dent into any fighting types on gym defense. Great for Masters as well, its just a useful/multifunctional mon.

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Echoing on Tyranitar. I simply don’t use Ttar’s anymore except when they’re automatically put on my team and I’m inviting people to the raid, so I don’t have time to remove them.

For most of the ones I’ve “retired”, it’s less of a conscious decision and more a matter of the game not recommending them to me anymore - either in Raids or in Team Rocket battles. I’ve also had a hell of a time with using pre-made Teams (either I can’t scroll through the team AT ALL or it continually bounces me back to the Recommended team whenever I’ve tried to stop on a pre-made team, or resetting the team entirely instead of adjusting it), to the point where I just don’t bother anymore. Most of the time my phone just won’t let me select another team no matter what I do, so I don’t bother making up teams anymore.

I’ve also retired a bunch due to Team Rocket battles because they’re just too glassy. Like Mewtwo. I’ve got some good ones that I used to use all the time, but Mewtwo is never recommended for me, and I generally don’t bother to go looking for one even if I have a relevant one. (like one with Ice Beam when going up against a Dragon) Rayquaza is another one I’ve retired, since I never use Dragon attackers vs Team Rocket; I use Dragon Claw on a Charizard to bait out shields when applicable, but only because DC charges up slightly faster than Blast Burn, not because it’s Dragon. Since I got Rock Wrecker for a perfect Rhyperior, I’ve stopped using Rampardos entirely - this one is a conscious decision. I used to try to use Rampardos to bait out shields, but most of the time I can’t even bait out a single Scyther shield on a Team Rocket boss with Rampardos, and my best two are level 38’s when I ran out of candies for them.

Essentially, if Fast Moves can knock out a Pokemon, I’ve stopped using it on a regular basis. They may not be entirely Retired (like Tyranitar is) but they’re effectively removed from my line up.

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But Dragonite and Salamence are still the best dragons. Salamence is almost the same as Rayquaza but don’t need rare candies, while Dragonite isn’t far behind, also with more PvP utility. They’re in a much better situation than Tyranitar at least.

Mewtwo definetely. No targets, and in PvP, psychic type is the only one i have trouble to reach even great. For Rockets to squishy and Bite is so popular.

Groudon also. 1 bar move sucks. Prefeer Excadrill and even Rhyperior( because better typing).

Mamoswines also. It have really crap typing, and prefer other counters, when Ice is SE.

On the other hand, Tyranitar is my most used pokemon everyday, without break like over year. Daily Candela sweep with rock Ttar, also clean Fire and Flying Grunts and vs Ghost and Psychic Shadow Bite one.


I use Tyranitar everyday to blindly Smack Down Candela, actually 3 times a day since the buddy hearts for buddy battle increased

I just took my gl victini to ul, I guess it’d beat Articuno? XL Abomasnow?


Rhyperior has better fast move than Groudon and that compensates the lower attack. I have zero interest in Groudon raids now, and wondering why it’s that popular among my player friends. Very few of them are serious PvP players.
The issue of Mamoswine is more the issue of ice type itself. Currently the only better option is G-Darmanitan, which is a bit frail.
Your Tyranitar’s role can be easily replaced by RW Rhyperior or Terrakion. Also as you said, 1-bar move (Stone Edge) sucks.

Vaporeon & gyarados, they faded away when kyogre came.

Geodude evolution (can’t remember the name now). It was replace by rhyperion, tyrannitar and excadrill.

Espeon & Jolteon, replaced by Mewtwo and Zekrom respectively

Venosaur, I use roselia now for grass.

Charizard & flareon, got replaced by Reshiram

Snorlax, I don’t use him anymore for gym defense, replaced by chansey and blissey.

Houndon has been mostly replaced by darkrai and weavile but I still use some in my alt.

Hariyama was replaced by conkedur and lucario

Basically if it does not make it into the top 12 it was removed for PVE. Specially if a level 30 or the legendary is better than a level 40 of the other pokemon it goes to the bench

Eg: A level 30 mewtwo is much better than a level 40 espeon or 40 alakazam.

PVP just see 10-15 pokemon used and I don’t play so much.


Not resisting Bite is main issue with Grunts and Candela Salamence. Terakion on the other hand not resist Flying, so old good Tyra have still job. But in raids, i use Rmpardos and Rhyperiors for Rock Dmg.


Anyone else have Lucario, Conkeldurr, and even a shadow machamp leveled up to 40, but still uses their oldest machamp when attacking gyms because of win counts? My mahcamp is a 15/9/14 and i still use it in gyms today. He’s at 8900~ wins :slight_smile:



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You retired conkeldurr already? Do you have team of 6 combination between lucario/shadow machamps?

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YOU used conkeldurr???

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I dont think I’ve retired much. Some thing have better DPS, and are prioritized in raids while others have great TDO and work for rocket battles. Still more have become PVP mons.

True retirement means that I’ll toss it In a gym with no worries of it not coming back.

So: Golem, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Honchkrow, Absol, Gengar, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Alakazam.

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Flareon, Houndoom, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Golem, Mamoswine(as a ground attacker), and Gyarados.

I used Flareon and Jolteon up until the release of Reshiram and Zekrom.

Houndoom I used until I powered up a few Darkrai to level 30.

Exeggutor I stopped using after I got some FP sceptile.

Alakazam I stopped using after psychic was buffed. I don’t have a legacy one, so I prefer Espeon as my non-legendary psychic attacker.

Golem was basically useless to me when Rhyperior hit the scene, even before it got RW and buffs to MS and EQ.

Gyarados and Vaporeon I stopped using after Swampert got HC and Kingler got crabhammer.

Last but not least, I use Mamoswine only as an ice attacker after EQ was buffed.

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