What pokemon to best friend to 51?

I am just an average PVP player but have recently changed my ML squad.

As a result I dropped my dialga who used to be the pokemon that got the “best friend” boost and currently have none.

My candidates are Palkia or Zacian (my other pokemon is not at level 50 anyway). Neither are 100% but both are level 50.

Which of them will benefit the most of an extra level?


The only (fastmove) breakpoint I could find was Palkia vs Excadrill. Zacian is mostly dependent on chargemoves so the breakpoint probably matters less(?). I’d also say, you’re probably better off taking the one with highest IVs to “best-buddy”.

If you’re really only an average (let’s say no ambition to get beyond 2300 or so), then, frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter. Both are excellent at both levels.
However, at higher levels you’ll likely run into zacian mirror, therefore the higher attack CMP tie counts a lot, for sure more then breakpoints. That said, you’re likely encountering hundos at a point, so take into account attack stat. (A 13 lvl 51 is worse than A15 lvl 50)

Best buddy them both at the same time.

You can do the PvP battles to get the battle hit hearts for each. Six battles a day for 3 hearts each.

As a PvP player, I would say collecting 3 battle hearts via GBL is too time consuming.

I collect 3 battle hearts by 1 rocket balloon. For which I enter the battle and then leave immediately. By this 3 hearts are achieved in 2 minutes. Doing this in GbL and leader battle is not possible.

As of present, I will prefer Palkia. It can do the job of Kyogre and nuking like Dialga. Zacian is also very good, but presently I had seen many people running with Zacian counter.


Yes, I have no real ambition, just to get to 20 as soon as I can.

Will not spend a ton of money trying for legendary hundos so I rarely get them just using the free passes.

The third member of my squad is underpowered anyway… I’d love to have a lugia with them but mine is only at 41.5.

It’s not really an either/or. I use all three to get the buddy hearts, utilizing whichever is most convenient at the time.

If you are already doing GBL battles, why not get some buddy hits on the pokemon that you are using?

Why “only” at 41.5? I get about 50 percent wins in ML at 2500. My team: lvl 49 Dragonite, lvl 47 Metagross, lvl 44 genesect. I am sure you can get easily to rank 20 with your ML team including a lvl 41 lugia - as said, don’t care about BB. That’s negligible. I’d walk with what’s most fun.

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It frustrates me. Because all of my best buddies have middling CP, due to which they are not viable in any of the formats. I don’t prefer master league as I am at level 36.9, and most opponent come with level 50 Pokemon in all leagues after 2200+ rating. And losing the match without fight fuels my frustration.

Naaah, that’s not true. At 2500, most people have maybe one, sometimes two at lvl 50. Some even go with lvl 40-45. You can compensat a bit bad playing with high lvl, but Playstyle is more important than a high level. But sure, there’s a threshold, you likely never reach veteran with only lvl 40s…

All I care is to get to lv20 with the minimum amount of time spent (less battles) because I don’t enjoy pvp that much.

From that point of view I am starting to think the team you use or your ability does not matter as the stupid engine will always try to match you evenly (provided you don’t go to such a low or high rating that it cannot find matches).

This is exactly why your team and ability matters ;)

Btw, you can’t get so low that you won’t find any matches, I tried ;)

I am thinking how PvP will look if abilities are introduced.