What Rider class Servant should I invest in from what I have in the Support Slot?

Here are all my Riders:

Medusa, Alex, and Boudica all have strengthening quests, so that’s at least one SQ each locked behind their final ascension. Sushi has one later.

Of all the ones you have, Sushi is the only real single-target rider. I’d get her skills up a bit of only to help fill that niche for you.
Medusa is a good farmer since she can NP immediately with her third skill and Kscope/MLB IE.
Martha is good for sidestepping boss mechanics but has bad damage.
Santa Alter has amazing NP damage.
Marie is kinda ‘meh’ but also immortal.
Alex is solid and buffs the group. Boudica is a super cheap arts buffer.
George is a tank and like the only arts rider.
Blackbeard does surprisingly solid NP damage and has good skills.
Can’t comment on Ishtar besides “longest NP in the game”


Thanks. What about Columbus?:thinking:

Columbus is the midpoint between Blackbeard and Drake, but is going to be about equal to worse than him depending on NP level. For instance, my Columbus is NP1, so I’m basically ignoring him for now.

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Lol I see

Ushi is Best Dog and deserves all the Grails and all your investment and I swear I’m not biased. Medusa is Best Snek and also deserves all your investment.

Definitely not bias aside, Ushi is a really good ST Rider and she will absolutely delete Caster bosses with her NP, so she’s a good investment. Ishtarin and Santa Alter are both really good AoE Riders, Santa Alter will delete waves better but Ishtar has a bit more utility outside of that. Either is a good investment. Martha provides some pretty good support and would probably be worth investing in.


Thanking you! I appreciate your feedback. Very informative. Information is power indeed eheh

Personally, from this set, I would want to see Ishtar (Rider) or Ushiwakamaru for AoE or ST applications, respectively. Those are probably the objectively best Riders you have at the moment. I’m sure some would also make an argument for Santa Alter here, but she is pretty disappointing to me, so personal choice on my end.

You could also put Martha since he has decent application with regards to healing and buffs. Georgios is also a top tier taunter, though I think he’s often overrated because he’s a Rider and needless hoards stars (much like Martha).

Columbus wouldn’t be a bad choice actually, but as was previously mentioned it will largely depend on his NP level.

No comment on the others really as they’re not anything special. Boudica does deserve lots of headpats.

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In terms of what I personally would like to see, Santa followed by Rin, by Martha. Although Martha can be there instead during Raids I suppose. I think Santa and Medusa (alt. high NP level Columbus due to rarity and being sub-Drake) will draw the most attention though.

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Depends, what are the NP levels of each of those riders?

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Good line up if you ask me. Between the riders you have I highly recommend that you have at least one AOE and a ST ready in case that you really need to counter class against any enemies. For farming, if you lack any starting charge CE’s, the best you can invest on would be Medusa but if CE resources are sufficient then best is Santa Alter and just top her off for that big buster damage. As for ST there really isn’t much you can pick based on your line and the obvious answer to that would be Ushi. Probably max hear atk buff and evade and just make her np gen skill on lvl 6 and call it a day I guess. Hoping you get a Drake spook at least. That pirate lady is a god send for farming. She may get a lot of flak for having no survivability or low HP but she’s a beast in farming and that should be more than enough to cover most of her bases. Hope this helps.:grinning:

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Greetings y’all! Thank you for your feedback! :star_struck::ok_hand:

I’ll post a screenshot soon to answer that👌

There, there Boudicca… (Headpats sad Boudicca)

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Astoflo si easier to have for farming and can easly do it. Plus with Skadi coming he would be even better

Other than like everyone Ishtar + Ushi !

Ushi is a great ST nuke.

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Yes Ushi need all the pat you can give her ! I mean how can you not love her after the ep8 of FGO :fgo_jeannu:

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Rip Ushi