What’s the best dragon for Albert?

I can’t decide on whether to use Takemikazuchi, Gilgamesh, or Cupid.

Always Cupid, unless either Takemikazuchi or Gilgamesh are MUB. The higher strength bonus is generally more desired. Gilgamesh could be more useful once High Zodiark comes if you only have one copy, but it’s still generally a better idea to run Cupid or a MUB Lindworm (the 4* light strength dragon) because they will make Albert much stronger. Also, a MUB Lindworm is a better option than any of those 3 dragons if they aren’t MUB.

Albert isn’t really going to make use of the Overdrive Punisher from Takemikazuchi that much and current content doesn’t require enough Gilgamesh’s extra dark res in order to survive, as a matter of fact, it’s too much of an overkill on dark res to run Gil because of that.


Thanks for answering. I’ll go ahead and start using Cupid on Albert.