What´s the better fodder for Shiida?

So I recently free summoned a Brave Eliwood on the Weekly Return Banner. Well originally I wanted a Delthea, but I´ll take a B! Eliwood any day :smile:
So now since I have an extra copy of him, I´m toying with the idea of :feh_inherit: my Shiida SS3. Since she already has SS2, the question is, which is the better Skill for her? the Atk/Spd Ruse for offense I guess? or should I go for the more Supportive Role and inherit Spd Opening?
My guttfeeling tells me I should go for the Ruse Skill, because don´t we already have a Opening Skill in the Grailpool? If so, then Spd Opening might not be to far in the future.

Yeah whats your opinions on that?

Moving to Q&A as it fits the title, tag, and thread better.


Shiida? Oh yeah fliers can’t get ruse, also dual phase is better, I say give atk/def+ and swift sparrow 3 I guess


Yeah Shiida == Caeda

Oh never realized that :sweat_smile: should hav paied more attention XD well I could also wait for a more suitable SS3 fodder :thinking: It foddering was just my first thought^^


Yeah wait to foddler him off, also I guess that gut feeling was wrong


Okay I´ll do that then :smile:


@nobody625 it’s your business

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Thanks for the @ Caleb

SS3 is a great skill for Caeda

Problem is you’re giving away the Ruse which isn’t good

You can take the duel rally+ instead if you run Caeda in Arena but I’m pretty sure you don’t right?

I would search for other sources of SS3 for Caeda, my favorite being S!Ishtar because Air Orders is a good skill

Here’s mine tho I’m sure you’ve seen it before

I wouldn’t take Spd Opening because Caeda is one of the rare units who actually has a lot of good c skills

The usual drives, guards and such are ok on her.

She can run ploys very effectively. She can also run flyer only stuff like Guidance, Air Orders, Ground Orders, Flyer Guidance, and the flyer ball buffs. Spd opening is a fairly mediocre c skill at any rate, especially for Caeda who has so many useful ones. Also Spd Opening is on V!Silque anyways and you should still have the free copies


Take the SS3 and duel rally+ if you run her in Arena, if not then save the fodder because giving up on the ruse and duel rally+ is sort of a shame. Especially since SS3 is such good fodder anyways.

Just don’t take the opening it’s no good on her and it’s not rare anyways


You´re right, not at the moment, since I´m still waiting for a Red Duel Flying (like you too) :smile:

nooooo I wouldn´t have seen her before, thats the first time, for real :feh_annawink: :joy:

Yyup thought so too. Because of her high res she can runploys and the Order-Skills
oh you actually said that afterwards, well the one time when answering while reading was not that good of a choice XD