What servant gave you the biggest spook?

Case in point, I redeemed the 5 summoning tickets and decided to try for lancer Raikou on a whim cause I didn’t wanna use my SQ and Rider Altria Alter of all the people decided to grace me with her presence. Didn’t know what to feel really, I was disappointed I didn’t get Raikou but also kinda surprised I was able to get a SSR from a random ticket. Can’t really say I’m happy with her either as I read she’s not that good for a 5☆.

That said, what servant gave you the biggest spook?

That’s not a spook, she was on rate-up.


Fair enough. But I saw gold and statistically Raikou (and Archer Helena I guess) should’ve been the more probable outcome. She still spooked (and disappointed) me.

Sanzang on guda 1 rerun.

She was one of my top most wanted SSRs so I was even happier than I would have getting Okita!


Bittersweet with 3 consecutive Helenas on Skadi’s first day.

I had to go on for… Was it a week? before chancing upon Skadi on her final rate-up day.


Mine would be any of my Waver copies. I have him at NP3 and never once have I done a summon during a rate-up for him.
He really seems to like me, for whatever reason.


I only rolled for skadi so far this year, but getting 2 gold caster cards that isn’t her hurts a bit. Got my 1st nito and nursery though.

At least you got her I’ve seen threads with people saying they spent hundreds of SQ and not getting her. Tbh when I started I didn’t fully realize her value when I got her and just wrote her off as a fancier support for whales, especially with her limited status. Boy was I wrong lol.


Yes for that I am grateful.

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Waver NP2 spook on Merlin’s banner last year.

Karna on Da Vinci banner on the first anniversary. But heck, was I glad he came to me :heart: That time, RNG knew better what I really wanted and needed.

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Yeah, I’ve read that Karna is a good servant. I was the same to a degree when I got Enkidu as my first 5☆ lol. Didn’t really expect much from him but man he’s the weapon of the gods for a reason lol.


On the Nero Bride banner last year, i got my 3rd OG Artoria (also Vlad but he isn’t a Saber so no spook).

I’ve never rolled her rate ups, she came to me once on the Melt and Suzuka banner, once on the Lancer Raikou banner and then this.

I then burned her for Anniversary Blonde. I have her and Mordred already so i don’t feel bad.

Karna is the best boy (especially after the animation update), he makes enemies go splash.

Than insane heal alone :fgo_buster: He’s relevant on JP even now, so it’s a great long-time investment.
I’m still waiting for an Enkidu spook. One day, one day.

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One spook that almost turned into a disappointment was when I got Vlad zerker on First Hassan’s last rate-up. I literally yelled wrong grandpa at my screen only for rainbow sparks to happen with First Hassan popping up. Yeah, I was at a loss for words that day


Nice one. I want King Hassan just for his sheer cool factor lol. One day, I’ll get him. Maybe. Probably.

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Parvati on Enkidu’s Babylonia banner was my biggest spook till date. As happy as I am to have Parvati, I really wanted my own clay boi and that Lancer card got my hopes up only to shatter them (at least she’s better than my 3rd copy Anna who was on rate up, I suppose).

Nothing beats rolling in the Merlin banner and getting a gold caster card, only to get Xuanzang. I know she’s a 5 star but I just dumped all my SQ going for Merlin. I was salty for months before I got over this and properly leveled Xuanzang :slight_smile:

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I guess I’d consider the biggest spook Enkidu on Ereshkigal Banner.
I’m convinced to this day, that this Clay had a hidden rate up :fgo_insane:

I rolled for Skadi and got 2 Golden Casters - Helena and Medea (Lily)
I never wanted to burn something before but I was so damn close to it

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