What Servant(s) do you wish would be in your Chaldea?

Exactly as it reads on the title. What are the servants you wish you had in your Chaldea? Be it future servants on JP and not on NA yet, servants who just wouldn’t come home, etc.

To clarify, I want you to answer based on husbando/waifu/character love/character interest/character personality/character design/ etc. basis. I’m not asking about gameplay picks at all (hence the fluff tag). In fact, if you can, please throw gameplay out of the window while answering this.

I’m mostly just curious.

I’ll go first of course;

Saber- Lanling Wang
Archer- Gilgamesh (I would put Tristan here, but I’m getting him for my free SR so I’m discounting him)
Lancer- Karna
Rider- Achilles (Ozy is a close 2nd though)
Caster- WAVER (no this is not a gameplay pick, you watch F/Z and tell me how you can’t like the guy)
Assassin- Li Shuwen
Beserker- I would give this to AA or Cu Alter, but no, I want Mori Nagayoshi instead although I’m not rolling, I really want the dude.
Ruler- Qi Shi Huang/Amakusa, I want them equally.
Avenger- Dantes (just read The Count of Monte Cristo, he’s a badass)
Moon Cancer- Kiara Summer (I wouldn’t have even included this in my considerations before, but now I want the Summer Version of my first SSR out of character loyalty).
Alter Ego- nil (I have Kiara, she’s all I need).

Out of these if I had to pick three:

  1. Karna
  2. Waver
  3. Achilles

So what about you?


I like this, though most of my answers will be about future Servants.

Already Released ones:

  • Hokusai
  • Kintoki
  • Napoleon

Future Releases:

  • Space Ishtar
  • Sitonai
  • Superhuman Orion
  • Sei Shonagon
  • Calamity Jane
  • Oda Nobunaga (Avenger)
  • Himiko

Those are the ones I can think of right now, where personal preferences outweigh collecting-/gameplay-reasons.
I’ll probably add some, once I get around to look at future banners


Mothman and the 2 Kiaras :fgo_kiyo:

For SRs just Caenis and Ashwatthama, I love those 2


Raikou. Both versions.

Boobtoria. All three.


Kingprotea, OG BB, Kama and Summer Melt to be six feet under.

And I can’t forget about:unnamed
Cu alter, QSH, Chad Orion, Arjuna Alter and Gilgamesh.




I can’t speak for the JP only servants character wise since I don’t look that stuff up…

So NA characters I’d still like to catch…

Saber… Tie between Arthur to put in his dashing white suit and Sigurd to pair with Bryn because :fgo_ereshlove:

Archer… More arash! Okay, probably napoleon because of how awesome LB2 was. But there’s always moriarty to taunt with my grailed Holmes :smirk:

Lancer… Bryn if I go with Sigurd…

Rider… Since I already have ozy, it’s got to be Achilles… But possibly little Vinci

Caster… Don’t think I’m missing anyone I want for character reasons, just gameplay

Assassin… Either sassyshin for laughs or Danzo for Shimousa reasons

Zerkers… Fran

Extra… I think I already have all the extras that I like for character over gameplay reasons


Ereshkigal- She makes sure she only appears with a 4* lancer. I np.5’d Medusa lily on NA, and also np.5’d Fionn on JP but never got my Eresh.




Sei Shonagon



I’m going to steer away from unreleased Servants as wishlists/summoning plan threads are always around.


Medb - She was FGO’s pantomine villain before Moriarty and I love her for it.

Cu Alter - Was an early target for me when I struggled with CQs. Have less need of him these days but I still would like to try some solos.

Merlin - Merlin, Merlin, Merlin. Oh, I’ve spent a lot of SQ trying to get you. I am not going to waste any more on you but I wish I didn’t have to go through the pain. Although thanks to that salt, I’m now pretty much immune.

Cleopatra - Love that design.

Archuria - When I was Archer-poor, I wanted her. I saved for SQ for months and she didn’t come home. Now I have loads of Archers, so I didn’t bother rolling on her last banner besides a few summoning tickets. I got Orion from those tickets :fgo_pout:


Oh boy…

  • Dantes.
  • Lanling.
  • Yan Qing (will get you with the SR ticket if I need to).
  • Arthur.
  • Arjuna Alter.
  • Merlin.
  • Asclepius.
  • Yang Guifei.
  • Voyager.

And these are the ones I would love to grace my Chaldea but don’t have the resources to hardcore roll for:

  • Arjuna.
  • Napoleon.
  • Anastasia.
  • Ozymandias.
  • Cú Alter.
  • Okita.
  • Saber Shiki.
  • Ishtar.
  • Ereshkigal.
  • Tamamo.
  • Sigurd.
  • Scáthach.
  • Hokusai.
  • Kama.

Life is hard when you like a shit ton of Servants. :fgo_casgilworry:


I hear ya :fgo_casgilworry:


I still want Artoria and Heracles to fill the “FSN Family Reunion” roster. It’s looking prettier now that Kojiro is fully leveled and I now have Angry Mango NP4 (even though he’s from H/A…but well…no one fits the Extra slot in FSN)

On a purely cute, Loli Harem Protection Agency bias, I want Stheno, Medusa (Lancer), Nursery Rhyme and Miyu to join. I doubt I would field any of them, but just having them fully ascended and being cute is more than enough for me.
As a side note on this topic in particular, I’m rolling for both Illyas and Sitonai. While the latter might seem to be a strong gameplay pick, with BOTH Mecha Eli-chans around she has no place to shine other than through sheer Illya goodness also you like kinda meet her in jail so she is acquainted with my new home

And of course Astolfo (Saber) next year. How can I not get the other version of the reason I play the game in the first place? Alongside Chloe, he’s one of the candidates for my first lvl 100 Servant.

As a closer mention, I want Lanling. While his pick is quite biased because of his usefulness in combat, his cuteness is not to be trifled with. His pretty face might even earn him a couple of grails :fgo_hokusaiwink:



A lot of people don’t like her, and i completely understand why (i wouldn’t like her IRL either), but i find her very interesting. She was the first servant i really liked when i started playing two years ago and even if i have my best girls i still would like her to come to me.
Her whole backstory is a mix of cool and stupid and it is part of why I want Conchobar in the game.

I failed rolling for her (and her 4 star version) many times and my last attempt before i give up is the upcoming Interlude Campaign.


Ohh all the best on your rolls then, hope Medb blesses you there.


Y’all got more of them Okita, Okitan, Musashi, Gilgamesh, Sherlock, Jeanne and Amakusa rate-ups?

They’re ones I still want in my Chaldea regardless of gameplay.

Edit: for JP I’ll fight for Arjuna Alter and Caenis in gacha if they come.

Especially the Okitas just because.


Okita and Okitan have future rate ups, Gilgamesh has had at least one every year, Sherlock should get one with his Interlude, Amakusa will get one on Apocrypha rerun and about Jeanne… There’s always the singularity banners i guess.

Good luck either way.


See: EX-tier thighs

I’ve posted this before, and I’ll say it again: Am I really playing FGO if I don’t have OG Seiba or Salter?

Salter, I’ll pick next ticket. Just hoping OG Seiba spook me before the future free ticket.

I also like Mo-san (Mordred). Love her in Apocrypha.

Arthur, too! Who doesn’t like a blond ikemen?

Lanling, just because he’s pretty.

Achilles, because he looks dashing.

Zerker Kintoki, because he looks such a bro with that bob (anyone know when he’ll have a solo rate up?)

Lobo, because he looks cool in-battle and I want a doggo

EDIT: How can I forgot to include Skadi ! I want her bc she’s Shishou


The thing is I’ll probably have to fish them out of GSSR’s since the bulk of my quartz will be for my must-haves, like Arjuna Alter and Caenis (I’ll edit in JP servants in my original post).

Good luck either way.

And to your future rolls too! :fgo_astolfo:


Next year’s KYOMAF, if we get it, has Zerker Kintoki on solo rate-up.

He may have a rate-up in CBC, but I’m not sure.

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Eh, thighs aren’t nearly as important as reunion with fuuma